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The Virtual Education Experience


This section is currently under construction! Stay tuned for more updates!




Beauty, you are a DIY queen! You can apply your own makeup, but maybe you need a little bit of help in some places. You want to take a makeup class, but you’re just so busy! Days seem to fly by, and you can never find the time to schedule a class. You want help navigating the hard parts of your makeup routine, on your own time.

Makeup Artist Creative Contour By Carla is teaching a virtual makeup class

I’m here to help!

I know how busy you are. I created The Virtual Education Experience just for you! During The Virtual Education Experience, I will help you navigate the difficult parts of your makeup routine, totally on your own time! That’s right, you’ll have a professional makeup artist at your finger tips!

Whether it’s at noon or midnight, you’ll have access to these helpful virtual makeup education courses any time.


And here’s the best part: you can download these classes! Once you download the classes, you’ll have them for life. You’ll have a makeup artist right by your side. Whenever you need me, I’m here!

Boston Makeup Artist Creative Contour By Carla applying makeup for a photo shoot.

Here are the classes currently available:

Concealer 101

Learn how to get the best coverage right where you need it and apply in under 5 minutes, during this mini class.

How To Apply False Eyelashes

I'll teach you the best and easiest way to apply false eyelashes in this mini class.

Makeup for the Mature Woman

For those of you who are over a certain age, makeup can see so daunting! Instaglam is not your style. You want to learn a classy, elegant makeup look that you can wear anywhere! During this class, I will teach you just that!

Boston Makeup Artist Creative Contour By Carla is taking a phone call with a client and taking notes.
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