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Beauties, here is your chance to look your absolute best every time! I will teach you a series of gorgeous makeup styles with an easy, hands-on approach during each makeup lesson. Makeup lessons are extremely beneficial because you get my individual attention while you learn a new makeup look! You can take these lessons in-person or virtually!

Makeup class face chart

Beauties, I want you to be able to complete beautiful makeup looks easily! I created this menu of Makeup Experiences with you in mind. 

I understand that it may be difficult to know where to start. That's why I'm here! Feel free to book your complimentary phone consultation with me to find the best starting point in your makeup lesson journey!

 schedule your complimentary phone consultation here.

 Once you have your starting point, it's time for class! You can take your Makeup Lesson Experiences virtually or in-person. I've created these options to provide a safe, fun learning environment.

And, you'll have a beautiful makeup look to wear everywhere!



Makeup Lessons can be held in-person or virtual, to accommodate your specific needs. I will be right by your side as you learn how to apply the perfect makeup look! 

During the In-Person Makeup Experience, I will use a mirroring technique to guide you on applying your makeup look. This is the best option for your hands-on class.

During the Virtual Makeup Lesson Experience, you will follow me while I apply my own makeup! I will instruct you the proper way to apply your makeup according to your facial features and bone structure.

The following is pricing for each Makeup Lesson Experience, whether in-person or virtual:


Learn how to create an Easy AF makeup look with me! I will teach you how to create the easiest, most versatile makeup look. Perfect for small business owners, busy professionals, teens, moms, etc.! 

Book Carla's Easy AF Makeup Look Makeup Experience


1 hour, 30 minutes

Learn how to create a beautiful complexion during this makeup class! I will instruct you how to wear a flawless complexion everywhere. A flawless complexion leaves a lasting impression!

Book your Flawless Beauty Makeup Lesson Experience




1 hour, 30 minutes

The best eye makeup class! I will teach you how to apply eye makeup for your unique eye shape and needs. By focusing solely on eyes during this course, the result is perfect eye makeup every time! 

Book your Everything Eyes Makeup Lesson Experience


2 hours, 30 minutes

Beauties, you want your own, unique makeup look. I'm here to help you find it. During your personalized makeup class, I will help you find and create a makeup look that is solely your own. Your unique look will charm everyone you meet!

Book Your Signature Makeup Look Makeup Lesson Experience

Makeup artist set up

If you are interested in a group makeup lesson (consisting of 2+ people), please inquire with me directly via email.

Personal Shopping


Personal Beauty Shopping!

Beauties, your prayers have been answered! You no longer have to wonder what makeup products are best for you. I am here to help you shop for the best beauty products for you and your unique needs. No more pushy sales associates at makeup counters, or looking online at makeup brands and feeling totally confused or overwhelmed.

During your 90-minute appointment, we will go through your makeup bag together. Don't be surprised if you end up tossing an item or two. I will help you navigate your makeup collection, as well as what to buy. 

Once we get through your makeup bag, it's time to shop! Shopping is so much fun, it feels like you are with one of your girlfriends without the pressure to purchase unnecessary makeup items from the makeup counter. 

So what are you waiting for?! Shop with a seasoned professional in the comfort of your home home during The Personal Makeup Shopping Experience!

***This option can be held either in-person at an agreed upon location, OR virtually.***


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