Beauties, you just want to look good all the time, right!?! You've practiced and tried multiple times to recreate some of your favorite makeup looks, and it turned out... okay. You want to get better at applying your own makeup, and just need a little help.


Never fear, because Carla is here with a solution!


I am always here for you. And now, I am here for you every month! Join me as I help you navigate all things makeup! I will answer every question that you have, teach you my tips and tricks, host live demonstrations, and we will even apply our makeup together! You will have your favorite makeup artist at your fingertips!

Applying my makeup!

Beauties, it's so much fun, and so easy!

This is a safe space to learn and enjoy wearing makeup. I want you to love the products you choose as much as the look you create!

 I am here to answer all of your makeup questions, translate the confusing techniques from social media, and help you look your best every single day! 


Here's what you get:

 Have It All!

1. Seasonal 1-on-1 30-minute Virtual Appointments

Beauties, I will help you however you need: whether you want to shop for new makeup, learn a new way to apply your eyeliner, or you can pick my brain during each session.

2. Quarterly Live, Recorded, Themed Group Makeup Classes

Learn a new makeup look every quarter with our group! I'll tell you what you need and the recording will be available in our exclusive group.

3. Weekly Q + A's

I will help demystify the mysteries of makeup, whether you are confused about tutorials, or you just want to ask questions. This is a safe space, so ask away!


Monthly members will enjoy 20% off services booked through CCBC! (Exclusions apply.)