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Starts at $250

Beauties, whether you are a busy professional or a business owner,  you understand that your personal brand tells a story. You want customers and colleagues to see you in the most authentic way, Let me help you do just that with the right makeup look. I understand the importance of how your image contributes to authenticity. You will be wearing a full face of makeup, but still look like yourself, whether in photo or video. You want to be confident, authentic, and comfortable.

applying makeup

The process is easy. First, we will get on a phone consult and discuss the details of your personal branding session, the crew you are working with, and the overall image you are trying to convey. Authenticity is always the name of the game. Once we have that information covered, we can talk about your makeup look. I'll make some notes, and we can create a game plan!

I am also happy to consult with any of the crew members you will be working with on-site, once we are booked for your Personal Branding Makeup Experience session. 

Before you know it, your session will be here!

posing for personal branding photos

When it's time for makeup, sit back and relax in my chair! Makeup usually takes one full hour, so I can get your look just right. I use the right products and makeup application techniques that work best for your individual needs, and can adapt to a changing environment. Sometimes you are in a studio, or sometimes you may go to a few locations during your personal branding session. Either way, you don't have to worry about your makeup, because it will stay put with my methods. We will also discuss some easy maintenance tips for you throughout your branding session, so you don't have to worry about smudging during wardrobe changes, etc.! I have your back!

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