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Afraid Of False Lashes? Think Again!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey hey hey there beauties! It's definitely time to have this chat. How do you feel about false eyelashes?

Alexandra rocking her false lashes!
Photo courtesy of Qian Hegarty Photography

I personally love false lashes. There are so many styles out there. Individual, natural, short, long, full, glamorous, dramatic, and even funky styles that have different colors! As a makeup artist, I have a good idea of styles that work well for each eye shape. There is no general guide that can tell you exactly what style of lash will look good on you. You just have to try out a style and see how it works!

For those of you who are afraid of false lashes: I am here to tell you to read this blog!! By the end of this article, you will not be afraid, I promise! You'll be considering lashes for your wedding day!

Tanya rocking a full, long pair of false eyelashes!

So what are false eyelashes made of? According to my research, they are made of a combination of real hair and synthetic fibers. They are attached to a plastic-like string (this is considered the band of the eyelash), and the individual hairs are attached to the string via a loop, similar to knitting. Once the hairs are secured, then each pair of lashes is trimmed to create each individual style. (Information courtesy of CNN.)

Most eyelashes are made with a very thin, flexible band. Besides holding the delicate hairs, the band is made thin in order to be comfortable to wear. Most natural styles of eyelashes have the thin band. If you want a dramatic, bold style eyelash, the band will often be very thick. The thicker bands can be somewhat uncomfortable to wear when you are not familiar with wearing eyelashes.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Gilbody Photography
Jessica rocking her flirty false lashes!

I wanted to mention how I apply false lashes. The standard to apply false lashes is to put a dot of glue on the back of the hand and tab the lash band into that dot until the entire band is covered in enough glue. This way were perfectly fine for most. I actually do things a little differently.

Here is my full method behind eyelash application: First, I curly your lashes and apply mascara. Then we place the false lash on your eye to measure. If the lash is too long for your eye shape, I trim the outer end of the band to fit your eye perfectly. Then, I take my silicone applicator and paint the lash glue onto your lash line while your eye is closed, and pop on the lash. I was taught that the center of the lash is applied first to the center of the eye, then attach the ends. I use tweezers to apply false eyelashes. Once the lash is placed onto your eye, I use my fingers to hold the lash in place. I do this so the lash adheres to the glue. I generally hold the lash in place for about 15 seconds, which I count in my head. Once the first eye is done, I do the same routine for the other eye! Once the glue is dried, I can manipulate and move the eyelashes. At the end of the makeup service, I use more mascara to blend your eyelashes with the false ones to create a cohesive, clean look!

Here are a few more of CCBC brides wearing their false lashes:

Photo courtesy of Deena Ryan Photography
Margaret's flirty bridal look with Demi Wispy style ofeye lashes

Photo courtesy of ARS Magna Studio
Nicole's flirty, bold eye lashes

Photo courtesy of Ella Farrell Photography
Franziska's flirty Demi Wispy style of false eyelashes

So beauties, that's it for false lashes! They are so fun, and perfect for your wedding day! If you are ready to rock your false lashes, schedule your complimentary 15 minute phone call to learn more!

<3 Carla



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