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Airbrush Makeup Benefits for New England Brides from Boston Makeup Artist Creative Contour By Carla!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Calling all brides! I know you're curious ALL about airbrush makeup! I am writing this blog today to answer some of my most frequently-asked questions about airbrush makeup!

airbrush makeup!

So let's get into it already!

1. What is airbrush? How does it work?

Airbrush is the method behind how foundation is applied. Airbrush makeup/foundation is applied via machine. The machine has a compressor that sends air through a hose and the air pushes foundation through the nozzle onto the face. Pretty cool, right? I think so!

2. What types of foundation work with the airbrush machine?

Airbrush makeup has its own formula that is quite a bit lighter than traditional foundation. Keeping that in mind, there are two types of airbrush foundation: silicone-based and water-based. I use the water-based airbrush foundation.

I personally like the water-based formula more than the silicone-based because the formula just sits with the skin--instead of being absorbed into pores. It's so lightweight that it feels like you aren't wearing makeup!

Airbrush makeup has a high-definition finish.

in action!

3. How long will it last? Will it survive the elements?

Great question! Airbrush makeup lasts quite awhile-- 12 hours! Yes it will survive the elements: I use a special setting spray to seal your makeup when I am finished creating the look!

4. Which foundation is best for my wedding day?

Another great question! This is a preference-based question. However, I have to say that I prefer airbrush makeup for my brides. Why? First of all, the staying power. Who wouldn't want a lightweight foundation that doesn't sink into pores, crack, or melt away! Second, photos! Airbrush makeup has a high-definition finish, so it looks beautiful in photos! All of the photographers I have worked with have mentioned that they love how beautiful airbrush looks in wedding photos!

***Beauties, please be aware that regardless of your preference, the professional makeup artist you hire will take the appropriate steps to make sure your skin is properly prepared, the makeup looks fresh, and it LASTS.***

Photo courtesy of JS Oconnor
Airbrush makeup: the best for your big day!

5. My skin doesn't look good with foundation on, so I am apprehensive about how it will look with airbrush makeup. Help!

Not to worry! Skincare is my religion-- so I always encourage you to start a beneficial skincare routine right away. Even if it's a month before your big day! (I encourage you to start at least 6 months before your wedding day in order to see excellent results!)

However, I also understand the trial and error of skincare products! That's why I care for the skin with great skincare products and use the right prep products to insure that your skin looks great no matter how it looks before makeup application!

I also make sure to do the necessary steps of color-correction and concealing. For some this may be one step, others may be multiple. It makes no difference the number of steps, because the result is the same: flawless, healthy-looking skin!

These are the most important aspects of the makeup application process and really do make a difference!

Photo by CCBC
Lillian's Before and After!

You can see in Lillian's before and after that I did the necessary prep to hydrate her skin and any color correction she needed!

So brides: that's airbrush makeup! I totally recommend it for your wedding day because it has a beautiful finish and feels great on your skin when applied!

You can check out the gallery for more photos of my gorgeous brides!

Can't wait to have you in my chair! Later!

<3 Carla



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