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Alex's Rustic Massachusetts Wedding 7/14/2018!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Happy #weddingwednesday beautiful followers! Just wanted to show you all Alex's wedding photos! It was such a fun day!

So first of all, Alex found me because her original makeup artist had to cancel on her! One week before her wedding. ONE WEEK! Alex was so stressed out but we quickly changed that at her trial!

Alex had her beautiful rustic wedding in her parents' backyard in Petersham, MA. Very rustic, simple and sweet-- just like the bride! Such a fun day!

Photo courtesy of RambleFree Photo Co
Alex and Hubby Seth!

I arrived promptly and started right away! She had a relaxed group of ladies, so we matched the makeup to their styles and the bride's preferences.

I was a very humid, July day-- totally normal for New England weather! You all know the airbrush held up! I only use the best of the best products!

Photo courtesy of RambleFree Photo Co
Alex and her crew!

Alex's dress was a deep-v cut, so we did some airbrush on her chest and back so her skin matched evenly to her face and neck.

Photo courtesy of RambleFree Photo Co
Alex and her crew!

Check out what she had to say about her experience with CCBC:

"Carla saved me at the very last minute. My makeup artist cancelled 8 days before our wedding and I had no one else to turn to. I frantically asked anyone I could to put some feelers out and Carla responded right away and was willing to travel to my parent's house in Western Massachusetts to do a trial a few days prior to the event. I was floored at how accommodating she was. Carla was calming, kind, and so professional. I am quite particular about my makeup and she was incredibly patient with me and was always open to changes or switching things up. Carla was a wonderful choice and I'm so glad we found her."

Such a pleasure Alex!

Photo courtesy of RambleFree Photo Co
Alex and her big sister/MOH!

Photo courtesy of RambleFree Photo Co
Bridesmaid and this little handsome guy!

Brides, I know that sometimes things happen. And you need not worry!! I try my best to accommodate each bride that contacts me! However, if you know you love my work, I encourage you to book a trial right away!

If you are interested in learning more about my wedding makeup services, book your complimentary phone consultation today!

Later! <3 Carla



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