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Amanda's July Wedding At Terrydiddle Farm in Massachusetts

Hey beauties! On this lovely #weddingwednesday, we are talking all about Amanda's summer wedding at Terrydiddle Farms in Massachusetts!

Bride Amanda kissing her husband Nick, as newlyweds!
Congratulations to Amanda and Nick!

Aren't the newlyweds just adorable?!

So let's talk about how Amanda found me! Her wedding planner contacted me in 2019 looking to book me for Amanda's 2020 wedding. Everything went smoothly, and we hosted Amanda's trial that summer! And oh my gosh, beauties, it was the wildest day! Amanda came in on the hottest July day of the entire month! If I remember correctly, it was 105 degrees!! My skills were certainly being put to the test! Amanda was actually attending a wedding the day of her trial, so fun! This was the perfect opportunity to test out her beautiful wedding day makeup look.

Amanda doesn't wear lots of makeup, and her wedding had a very boho, fairytale vibe. So, she wanted her makeup to reflect that as well! As you can tell from her wedding photos, Amanda tans quite well in the summer time, so I knew to use colors that would compliment her summer glow!

Bride Amanda posing for a photo after her makeup is completed.
Isn't Amanda just stunning?!

The result from her wedding makeup preview were just stunning! Soft classic eye makeup, naturally glowing skin, flirty eye lashes, and a glossy rose lip color! The perfect makeup look that falls right into that boho, fairytale vibe she was aiming for.

Just like most 2020 brides, Amanda's wedding had to be rescheduled because of the covid 19 pandemic. Which was totally necessary in retrospect, because everyone stayed safe and all of her loved ones were able to attend! It was worth it to reschedule to July 2021. And believe me, the year's wait flew by. Before we knew it, her wedding was here!

Amanda and her bridal party celebrating before she walks down the aisle!
The crew having a blast!

Amanda had a large group: herself, eight bridesmaids, and two moms! But as you can tell from the photo above, they were so much fun!! We started pretty early in the morning, around 8:00am. But everyone was completed on-time, thanks to my assistant, Mary Kate! We crushed it for sure!

I am so grateful to have had such a great talent helping me out that morning! Amanda's mother was concerned about having her makeup done that day, after having a bad experience in the past. Beauties, let me interrupt to say that you should never have a bad makeup experience. We all make mistakes sometimes, and when I make a mistake, I try my best to correct it! Amanda's mother decided that morning that she wanted to sit in the makeup chair, after seeing how beautiful the group was looking so far. And she was an absolute sweetheart!! Mary Kate had more room in her timeline, so she took excellent care of Amanda's mother, which was so important. Mom looked stunning! She almost cried happy tears when she looked in the mirror! This meant so much.

Before we knew it, it was time for Amanda and Nick to get married!! Off they went to Terrydiddle Farms.

Bride Amanda holding up her drink to start a toast while posing for a photo.
Cheers to Amanda and Nick!

Check out what Amanda had to say about her Wedding Makeup Experience with Creative Contour By Carla:

I have so many good things to say about Carla. First of all, she is just a really fun and bubbly person. She is constantly smiling and makes you feel at ease even if you never wear makeup or know anything about it. My wedding planner recommended her to me when I told her I wanted a natural look for my wedding day. She did my makeup trial on one of the hottest days in July 2019. Later that day, I attended a wedding for a friend of mine in a downtown Boston hotel whose air conditioning was broken so it was a VERY hot wedding and my makeup stayed totally intact all night long! When I had to postpone my July 2020 wedding due to covid she was able to stay on to my new date. Carla even did a virtual makeup lesson with my sister and me for my tiny legal ceremony on our original date. It was a lot of fun and she sent me the video so I could refer back to it. For my big wedding celebration this July 2021, she came with an assistant and they made everyone look their best! They were both very professional and considerate of each person's individual skin needs. For my bridesmaids who wore makeup daily, they made sure to give them a more glamorous look so it felt special but also made sure they wouldn't outshine me. My mother had originally not wanted her makeup done because she had a poor experience getting it done for my sister's wedding but changed her mind after she saw how good everyone looked. They were happy to fit her in and even used her own makeup to make her feel more comfortable. Carla even stayed after her contracted time to do makeup for a special guest when she couldn't get there earlier. My entire wedding was outside on a very hot and sunny day and whatever magic they did to our makeup to ensure it stayed looking flawless while we were all dripped sweat worked beautifully.

On top of Carla's amazing service and performance, I also want to add that she is extremely conscientious of sanitation and cleanliness. All throughout the covid lockdown, she would post videos on Instagram showing all of the ways she cleans her makeup brushes, products, and other tools. Both Carla and her assistant showed up on my wedding day with masks and continuously washed and sanitized their hands and tools. I highly recommend Carla!

Wow, Amanda, thank you so much for this lovely review! It was an absolute pleasure to be part of your wedding day!!

Beauties, if you want to have the same experience as Amanda, head on over to my Wedding Makeup page! I'm happy to be a part of your special day!

Lots of love and lipstick,



Planner: All Aboard Wedding Planning

Photos: Meraki Inc.

Hair: Ariana Leigh Artistry

Makeup: Creative Contour By Carla



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