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Are Makeup Wipes Bad For Your Skin?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

beauty 360 and neutrogena makeup wipes

Hey beauties! Today’s topic is going to be a FUN one! I know everyone swears by makeup wipes. Some of you may even think they are the greatest because they remove makeup easily. I am going to discuss in-depth the good, bad, and ugly behind makeup wipes!

I did quite a bit of research into makeup wipes. When they were invented, some common ingredients, and whether or not they are actually good for your skin!

So first of all… What’s in makeup wipes? Well beauties, there are quite a few ingredients across many brands. So here are a few common ingredients:

Cetyl Ethylhexanoate: a synthetic ingredient that is used as an emollient to help maintain moisture levels on the skin’s surface. It is derived from palm oil.

Glycerin: a humectant, moisturizing, alcohol compound. It may be of animal or plant origin. It pulls water from the air and the deepest layers of your skin to the outer layer of your skin.

Fragrance/Parfum: some of the brands I researched are scented. If you have issues with fragrance, make sure to read the ingredients list. Most of the brands I looked up had a full list of ingredients.

Phenoxyethanol: a preservative solvent derived naturally from green tea. Commercial use may be synthetically produced in a lab. Could also be used as a stabilizer in perfumes and soaps.

Potassium Sorbate: a naturally occurring antimicrobial compound that is used as a preservative.

Surfactant: this word can describe a number of ingredients within the beauty industry. It is an ingredient that basically helps the makeup wipes move on your skin without causing tension. It most likely won’t be listed this way, but a lot of ingredients within makeup wipes are described as surfactants.

Neutrogena makeup wipes

When were makeup wipes first invented?

My research has been unclear with when exactly makeup wipes were invented. However, the first ever wet wipe was invented in 1957 by an American named Arthur Julius.

Notable Sources: The Derm Review (, EWG’s Skin Deep (

Applying eyeliner
PC: Maureen Russell Photography

So now let’s dip into the real question: Are makeup wipes bad for your skin?

The answer is yes. Unfortunately beauties, makeup wipes really aren’t good for your skin. A lot of you mention that you use them to remove makeup and that’s it. Because of the level of synthetic ingredients in most makeup wipes, your skin will not react well after regular use. While some wipes do a fantastic job of removing makeup, all makeup wipes leave a harsh film that can be harmful to your skin. Also, just because you remove your makeup, does not mean your face is clean. You need to use a gentle cleanser after removing makeup to ensure that all product is removed. This is the best way to prevent product buildup, early aging, and even acne.

So beauties, while makeup wipes can remove your makeup, they really aren’t that great. I recommend using an emollient-based makeup remover, or your favorite oil cleanser to break down your makeup! And make sure you are washing your face every night before bed! You’ll thank me later!

If you need help finding a good routine to remove your makeup, I can help! I will help you shop for great products so you can successfully remove your makeup every night! Click here to book your FREE 15-minute phone consultation to learn more!

Later! <3 Carla


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