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Beautiful Blushes For Your Wedding Day!

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

makeup application
PC: Whiting Photography

Hi there, beauties! And a special hello to all of my New England Brides-to-be!

Today's topic is a fun one! Whether you like a powder or gel, blush is so fun and flirty! It really is the finishing touch of a beautiful makeup look! Today, I want to help you navigate the world of blush and why it's important on your wedding day.

Why blush is important on your wedding day:

Beauties, I know that a lot of you probably don't wear blush daily. That is totally fine. More often than not, you probably aren't being photographed on the daily. However, on your wedding day, you are photographed. You have your photographer, and of course your family members all want selfies! You want a healthy flush of color to show in any photo.

Let's specifically talk about photography. Professional photographers often edit wedding photos before they release them to their couples. As the bride, you are most likely going to be the focus of at least half of the photos in your album. After your wedding day, your photographer will use various methods to edit and retouch photos. Once of these methods is exposure. Exposure deals with how much light the camera sensor picks up when snapping a photo. (This applies more to professional cameras vs your phone's camera.) Because the light changes often on your wedding day, photographers will have to go back to the photos and edit the exposure level. More often than not, your photographer will have to increase exposure in order to brighten up some of your wedding day photos.

So how does this relate to blush? Great question! When the photographer increases the exposure in your wedding photos, a lot of the color in your skin gets washed out. This means that your skin tone still is authentic, but you may not have a healthy glow. This is where blush comes into play. For your wedding day, we will need to apply a heavier blush in order to maintain a healthy glow for your wedding photos! We want to make sure that we don't loose that flirty wash of color on your cheeks on your wedding day! I want you to look healthy, happy, and your most beautiful on your special day!

wedding makeup look
Here's my photo of Grace's wedding makeup!

Now that we've discussed why blush is important, let's talk about a few other factors to consider for your wedding makeup look's blush!


First, let's talk about blush colors. There are quite a few shades, so I will briefly cover them. Depending on your skin tone and undertone, there is a perfect blush for you! It can be hard to figure out what color you want for your wedding day. Let's break it down by undertone:

Mauves, Pinks, Berries-- Cool tones

These beautiful, pinky shades are gorgeous cool-toned blushes. For a light wash of color to really show a flirty finish to your makeup look, I suggest using blushes within this color range. There are gorgeous options for each skin tone within this range!

If you have a lighter skin tone, I recommend using a lighter pink blush!. If you have a darker skin tone, I recommend using a berry blush!

makeup look
Lexus' gorgeous berry blush!

Peaches, Corals, Bronzes, & Browns-- Warm tones

Warm it right up, beauties! These tones are great for those of you who want to look sunkissed, or are having beach-themed weddings! These warm tones will mimic your summertime skin tone. Warm up your wedding makeup look with these sizzling blush colors!

If you have a lighter skin tone, I recommend a peachy blush. If you have a darker skin tone, I recommend a coral-based blush!

wedding makeup
Jackie's bronzey blush!

Let's talk formulas!

Blush Formula

Beauties, depending on your skin type, there's a perfect blush formula for you. Here are a few blush formulas: powder, creme, gel, and liquid.


This formula will work well on any skin tone, but I recommend using a powder on oily skin types. This will insure that the powder will aid your other makeup products in soaking up some of that free-flowing oil!

Here are some examples:

powder blush
Pinks, mauves, and berries

powder blush
Corals and bronzes


A creme blush works well on those whose skin type leans more towards the dry side. Creme blushes provide a nice dewy hydration to dry skin that really leaves a beautiful flush and glow!

Here are some creme blushes from my makeup kit:

creme blush
Pink and Berry creme blush


This formula works well for most skin types. Because of it's formula, gel will dry down and stay put. However, don't expect a full matte dry. Gel blushes dry down to a creamy, mattified finish. This works best for normal to dry skin types.

Here are some of my faves:

gel blush
Pink and berry gel blush!


Liquid blushes are usually water-based. This means they dry down to a full matte finish. This blush formula truly doesn't budge! I recommend a liquid blush formula for normal to oily skin types.

Phew, beauties! I don't know about you, but I've gotten a lot of information on blush! But of course, I am always here to answer any questions you may have about blush on your wedding day!

I am here for you!

Later! <3 Carla


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