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Can Makeup Cause Acne?

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

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Hi beauties! Here is another great topic concerning acne! While it is yet another loaded topic, it is an issue that needs to be addressed. So, can makeup cause acne? The answer is yes and no.

This discussion is a little bit tough to discuss because this isn't a definite answer, but at the same time it is. I am going to try my best to keep it simple and break it down so you can understand!

So let's get into it!

Can makeup cause acne? Yes.

So how does this process work? Well my friends, the skin is porous. Think of your skin just like it's a sponge. It absorbs everything. Yes my friends, including your makeup.

Makeup products have all sorts of ingredients in them that make products do all sorts of cool things, like smooth out your skin, or brighten your complexion, etc. If you want your makeup to make your skin look better, there are most likely a lot of complex, pore-filling ingredients that do this. They usually are quite thick in order to blur imperfections. Since they are so thick, they are more than likely to sit right inside your pores.

If you do not remove your makeup properly, then it will fill your pores, resulting in acne. And no, just using makeup wipes are not enough to properly remove your makeup. (Stay tuned, that will come in the future!)

Also remember that you should never sleep in your makeup. It will result in acne!

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acne is no fun!

Can makeup cause acne? Not always.

Beauties, makeup doesn't always cause acne. Some products do not have all of those fillers and silicones, so they are less likely to cause breakouts. However, remember that you need to make sure that you are removing your makeup properly in order to prevent acne breakouts after wearing makeup.

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Again beauties, the answers are a bit of a gray area, because there is no definite yes or no. Makeup can cause acne, but it doesn't always cause acne. I hope this is helpful for you as an introduction to the whole world of acne! If you are looking for more information on acne, I recommend paying for a consultation with a licensed esthetician or your dermatologist, to really get an in-depth look at your acne issues!

If you need help looking for one of these folks, or you are ready to learn how to cover up that acne, book your FREE 15-minute phone consultation today!

<3 Carla



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