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Candy Makeup Inspo!

Hey beauties! I am back to show off this fun, candy-themed makeup look! This is probably one of my favorite looks from this year! This was so much fun to create! So let's talk about how this look went down...

So first of all, the idea is totally awesome and something I have never done before! I couldn't wait to implement actual candy into this fun makeup look!

I started out with a fun blue eyeshadow. Since a lot of candies are blue, I figured why not throw in a color that most people would associate with candy! Then I popped on a fun, yet subtle winged eyeliner and false eyelashes! I wanted the colors to be the focus of this makeup look, so I decided to use a pair of false eyelashes that had some length, but not much fullness. This way, they would show on-camera, but they wouldn't take attention away from the bright colors. I decided to keep the rest of the eye makeup fresh and natural, so I used a soft highlight to add a subtle glow under the brow bone, and a warm bronzer to enhance and compliment the bright blue!

For complexion, I decided to keep it super simple. I wanted the skin to actually look like skin, so I only added coverage where needed. The skin is not the focus of this makeup look at all, so I didn't want it to stand out too much. I finished with a soft wash of color on the cheek to give some life to the skin and to compliment the pinks in the candies.

Alura bending towards the camera smiling
PC: Caroline The Photographer

Then there was the lip! I had to use this bright, bold pink! Doesn't it make you think of bubble gum?! Or maybe even Jolly Rancher Hard Candies?! Or even Lucky Charms cereal?! There were so many directions I could have went, but I know for a fact that this pink would have won my eye either way. It truly was the perfect compliment to this Candyland-themed makeup look!

And then there was the actual candy! Look how cute the pearls and sprinkles are! Just adorable! Since this was my first time ever applying actual candy to someone's face, I did a little research prior and gave myself extra time to execute. This ended up very successful! I am so happy that it worked out well! And in all honesty, the sprinkles went everywhere! Oh my gosh, so much vacuuming afterward. But to get the best photos, you gotta make a mess sometimes! The candy pearls on the eyes were a fun, last minute ideas that worked out so well! And of course, the Lucky Charms cereal was a fun addition!

Alura facing the camera and laughing while holding a lollipop
PC: Caroline The Photographer

Beauties, I love doing creative makeup looks like this! It was so much fun to plan, execute, and see the photos come to life! What a fun theme! And of course, if any of you are interested in this creative style of makeup, just ask me! I can't wait to have you in my chair!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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