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Carla's Nighttime Skincare Routine

Hey beauties! It's me again, and I am back with another amazing, informative blog post! Today I am going to discuss my nighttime skincare routine. But before I do, let's get into the disclaimer first.

DISCLAIMER: I am a licensed esthetician and working makeup artist. I have taken many years to perfect my skincare routine. This routine works for my skin's unique needs. This routine may not work for others. If you need help achieving beautiful skin, please visit a practicing esthetician and have a facial with a full skin analysis to find the best routine for you!

Creative Contour By Carla is looking in the mirror while applying mascara

So first of all, let me discuss my skin type and issues with you all first. I have overall normal skin. Sometimes I see a little bit an oily shine at the end of the day, but I wouldn't call my skin oily. I have a type 3 acne-prone skin. This means that I regularly have acne breakouts, and the worst are around my menstrual cycle. When I have acne breakouts, they are usually around my jawline, and large, red, swollen, painful papules. I also have thick, textured skin, which means that my pores are very visible, and you can see my skin crinkle in my facial expressions.

I've already discussed the ways in which I fight and control my acne breakouts in past blogs, so please take a look at the blog section on my website to learn more about how I fight my acne. Today, I am talking about how I maintain beautiful skin during my nighttime routine.

Here are the steps of my nighttime skincare routine:

1. Cleanse

I cleanse my face every night before bed. This helps wash off all of the dirt, sweat, oil, pollution, and whatever else my skin had to endure during my day. Cleansing every night before bed will help maintain beautiful skin, and prevent acne.

If you are new to a nightly skincare routine, the first step to add is cleansing every night. Make sure you are using a cleanser that is appropriate for your skin's type and unique needs.

2. Exfoliate

I exfoliate my skin 2x per week, maximum. I have found that because I have thick, textured skin, that exfoliating twice per week helps keep it smooth. My exfoliating product sloughs away dead skin, and allows my skin to look smooth longer.

3. High Frequency

High frequency is a machine that uses small electric current to help clean out your pores. This is a machine that estheticians use during your facial appointments. It is said that high frequency also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles, but I haven't seen a difference in that particular claim. I have a travel-sized machine and use it 3-4x per week. I've found that it helps my pores stay cleaner longer.

4. Masking

I use a clay mask 1x per week. This helps remove any gunk that is hiding deep inside my pores. I only recommend using a clay mask if you have an acne-prone skin like mine. If you are unsure of your skin's needs, schedule a facial and full skin analysis with a practicing esthetician.

5. Serum

I apply serum every night. It helps my skin maintain hydration and moisture while I sleep. As I mentioned in a past blog post, I use my jade roller and gua sha tone to massage my serum into my skin and reduce swelling. Serums are a great base for your moisturizer.

6. Moisturizer

I use a thick, creamy moisturizer every night. This helps maintain soft, supple skin, and hydration while I sleep. My skin benefits from a heavier cream at night because of it's thick texture. I need a cream that can be absorbed well into my skin.

And there you have it, beauties. That is my nighttime routine! Check out my nighttime routine in action below:

If you have any questions, or need help finding great products for your nighttime skincare routine, book your Personal Makeup Shopping appointment today!

Lots of love and lipstick,


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