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Does Everyone Airbrush On Their Wedding Day?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! I get this question quite a bit from New England brides, and wanted to provide a short, detailed answer!

Photo courtesy of JS O'Connor

So let me get right to the point: I would say 95% of CCBC brides choose airbrush foundation! They often decide after their bridal makeup trial that they like the result.

Airbrush foundation provides a lovely, light finish on the skin. I use a water-based formula, which creates a matte finish on the skin. It allows skin to truly look and feel like skin, and is long-lasting.

BUT, this does not mean that you have to choose airbrush foundation! If you decide that airbrush isn't for you, we simply won't use it on your wedding day! It's that simple.

Photo courtesy of Golden Door Photography

I do also offer traditional foundation and will gladly use that option if you prefer! Of course, you are certainly welcome to try either (or both) option during your makeup trial. Don't be afraid to try something out!

Of course, unlike airbrush foundation, I can manipulate traditional foundation to create the coverage you desire. So beauties, depending on your goals, I will either use airbrush foundation, traditional foundation, or maybe a little bit of both! I know that this combination is rare (not many makeup artists do this), but it does work!

If you have any questions, just ask! And when you are ready, make sure to schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation!

Later! <3 Carla



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