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Does Personal Hygiene Affect Your Makeup Products? A Makeup Artist Weighs In

Hey beauties! Welcome back to Creative Contour By Carla™! Today I am getting a little controversial. We are going to talk about personal hygiene! And specifically how it affects your makeup products. So beauties, let's get controversial, you know what I'm saying!?!

makeup palette with primary colors on it
keep that body clean, so your makeup stays clean, too!

There are two primary ways that your makeup products are affected by personal hygiene: contamination and product breakdown. I will get into each of these topics.


Let's get into the nasty stuff first! As we all know, we naturally carry bacteria in our bodies. Once we touch our skin, and then touch makeup products, this bacteria gets into our products. Technically speaking, the makeup product is considered contaminated at this point. So here's how personal hygiene comes into play. Proper personal hygiene dictates that cleaning your entire body prevents disease, sickness, etc.; but it also prevents the transfer of these things, too. The same thing applies to your makeup products. If you don't wash your face and neck area daily, then bacteria will accumulate. Then when you go to apply your makeup, you are contaminating your products. It could eventually affect you in a negative way.

glitter eyeshadow spread out on the table.

Product Breakdown

Beauties, there are a number of factors that contribute to product breakdown, and personal hygiene is one of them. When you are not cleansing your face neck area daily, dirt and oil will build up on the surface. So basically what will happen is when you apply your makeup on top of the dirt and oil, they mix. It will not only lead to your makeup caking, cracking, or slipping off, but it will also mix the dirt and oil into your makeup products themselves. Think about how many times you dip your brush or your finger into your makeup products, it definitely mixes. Not to mention, it also will shorten the lifespan of your makeup products, too!

Yucky for sure! But with cleansing your face neck area daily, you avoid this problem all together!

Beauties, I hope this was helpful for you all! I want you to get the best uses out of your makeup, and love makeup again. If you need my help, book your free phone consult today!

Lots of love, lipstick, and cleanliness,


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