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Easy Editorial Makeup Look: Rose' All Day

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! I thought this makeup look would be a fun one! Here is an easy editorial makeup look that YOU can recreate! You just need to find your favorite shade of Rose lipstick!

Rose' All Day Makeup Look

Editorial makeup look
Margaret slaying her Rose' All Day makeup look!

1. Follow your regular skincare routine

If you DON'T have a regular skincare routine, now is the time to start! For this look, you should at least be applying an eye cream and moisturizer!

2. Apply foundation and concealer

There is no magic formula to decide which one of these products should be applied first. If you prefer to start with skin first, apply foundation. If you prefer eyes first, apply your concealer! These products will serve as your base for this rosey look!

3. Apply rose lipstick on eyelids, cheeks, and lips

You can use brushes or your fingers for this one beauties! I recommend using a creme lipstick, as it gives you the most control during application. It also creates this beautiful dewy finish!!

Easy editorial makeup look!

4. Finish with your favorite products

This could be mascara, highlighter, brows, and the like! A quick spritz of setting spray, and you are ROCKING your editorial makeup look! It's THAT easy!!

Rose' All Day Editorial Makeup Look
Pretty, Rose' makeup!

Also, a huge thank you to my model Margaret Sullivan for letting me use her beautiful canvas!!

Beauties, if you are ready to rock Rose' All Day, learn more about my makeup classes!

Later! <3 Carla



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