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Easy Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin That Results In Gorgeous Makeup!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! This one is for all of the acne sufferers out there. I feel you, and understand where you are coming from! I've fought acne since age 11, so I totally understand what it's like to have acne even into adulthood. I never knew how to care for my acneic skin until I became a licensed esthetician, and I wish that I knew this easy routine earlier! However, I am happy because it saved my skin, and it's easy AF.

makeup in action!
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So first of all, before I get into my easy AF routine, I want to discuss a couple of things.

Number 1: Each person's skin is completely different and there are multiple types of acne. This routine is simple and works well for any type of acne. I tried my hardest to make recommendations for each person so everyone has an opportunity to look and feel great!

Number 2: I've tried a lot of products and routines to fight acne. I've struggled a lot with this entire process, and this is what I've learned: while maybe some things work for some folks, those same products may not work for others. Sometimes you need to try it out to see if it works well for you. I recommend trying out samples or travel sizes of products or routines, if possible. The products are a large enough size to see if you benefit, without spending lots of money.

Number 3: While social media and influencers are fun to watch, they most likely are not experts. You don't know their unique skin issues. You only know your unique skin issues. Just because someone recommends products or a routine, does not mean it's tried and true, or works for you! Please do your research into anything recommended by these folks. Look into the ingredients of any products they recommend. If a certain brand they recommend doesn't list ingredients, don't try it.

Number 4: Talk to the experts. It is the jobs of estheticians and dermatologists to work on and treat skin. Estheticians are licensed skincare professionals. Dermatologists know how to medically treat skin issues. These folks are experts who constantly study everything concerning skin.

Number 5: Have patience. This routine will take some time to be effective. If you've ever heard the old saying slow and steady wins the race, you know that with time, your skin will start to clear up. Anticipate this routine taking at least one month to start showing you results. Remember: it took me years to figure out the perfect routine. Being patient goes very far!

Of course, practicing estheticians and dermatologists are the best folks to analyze your acne-prone skin. I recommend first scheduling a facial so the esthetician can provide a full skin analysis and make proper recommendation for your skin's unique situation. If you are having skin issues outside of skincare, talk to a dermatologist. Again, this routine is very general, and I've found it has helped my acneic skin. It's taken me years to figure out this routine. However, it really does work!

makeup application
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So let's jump in!

Carla's Easy AF Skincare Routine for Acne-Prone Skin

Step 1: Cleanse

You should cleanse twice daily. Cleanse both in the morning and at night before bed. I recommend a gentle cleanser in the AM and a stronger cleanser at night. Now, when I discuss these two different types of cleansers, I mean this: the gentle cleanser is perfect for the AM to insure you clean away any sweat that is sitting in your pores while you sleep. The stronger cleanser is best for night because you want to clean out sweat, dirt, oil, etc., that sat in your pores all day. It's best to cleanse the skin twice daily, in order to maintain clean skin.

Step 2: Exfoliate

Exfoliate twice per week. Exfoliation is key in helping clear up your skin. It removes the dead skin that sits on the epidermis (the top layer of your skin). This is beneficial because it also helps reduce the size of acne scars! Exfoliation makes your skin softer and smoother. I've found that exfoliating twice per week is the perfect number because it maintains soft, supple skin, while also helping all of the gunk and junk in your skin flow out easier. When you exfoliate, you are removing the dead layer of skin that holds in all the gunk and junk that gets into your pores.

Step 3: Mask

Masking is an important part of this routine. I recommend masking once per week, right after exfoliation. I've found that clay masks help keep my skin clear. Clay masks helped maintain clearer skin because it absorbed all the gunk in my pores after exfoliation opened them. Once per week is the perfect amount because it maintains clean skin without stimulation.

clay mask
Clay masks have worked well for my skin!

Step 4: Moisturize

Yes my friends, moisturizing is key for acne-prone skins! You must make sure you are moisturizing day and night. Moisturizing is the most important part of this routine. If you don't moisturize day and night, you will not see good results. When you get a break out, the last thing you want to do is dry out your skin. Drying out the skin actually can make your acne worse. So my friends, MOISTURIZE YOUR SKIN. During the day, a light moisturizer is best. At night, a thick moisturizer works. Your skin will benefit from the hydration.

How this works: Whether you have an oily, acne-prone skin, or dry, acne-prone skin the hydration will help reduce the amount of acne you are seeing. When you have oily, acne-prone skin, your skin still needs moisture. If you are not moisturizing your skin, your sebaceous glands (the glands that produce oil) go into overdrive. It's possible that some of this oil contributes to your breakouts. When you have dry, acne-prone skin, your skin needs moisture to create soft skin, in order to aid your exfoliation in order to open pores.

Again my friends, this is a basic routine. This routine is successful because I have taken years to perfect this. I have tried numerous products and routines, and this one is the result of my struggles. I recommend trying this routine as soon as you can! It will help you get through this time until you can have a facial or visit a dermatologist.

makeup application in action
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I know what you're thinking: Carla, I am caring for my acne-prone skin. What's next?

Beauties, I of all people understand that navigating makeup when you're acne-prone is really difficult. I am here to help! Once you start this easy routine, we can go shopping! I will help you select the best makeup products for your delicate skin. We want to make sure that we are choosing the best colors and formulas for your skin!

<3 Carla



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