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Eve's Beachy Elopement in Plymouth, MA

Hey beauties! Today, let's show off Eve's beachy elopement in Plymouth, MA! It was a perfect May day here in Massachusetts-- lots of sunshine and about 80 degrees! You couldn't ask for weather!!

Eve and Pietro hosted their beach elopement at a beautiful home on a small lake in Plymouth! It was gorgeous. The home was spacious and bright, and had a small dock right on the lake! It was quiet and serene.

Because they were eloping instead of having a large wedding, this was the perfect venue to host the nuptials! They had 10 guests, including themselves and their sweet little sons! It was a great day!

So let's get into the good stuff: the makeup!

Eve wears makeup regularly, and she likes a classic look. She wanted a softer look to compliment the beachy theme of the day. Easy enough!

So let's go way, way back to September 2021, when Eve first contacted me! Her photographer found me and sent my name over to the then very stressed out bride. Unfortunately, Eve had a lot of issues trying to find a makeup artist that would travel on-site for just her makeup only. No problem for me, beauties, because I want you to have a great day. No need to worry about if it's only you having makeup on your wedding day!

After our initial phone call, Eve was ready to book. She told me she was relieved before we hung up. No need to stress, Eve, I have your back, lady!

A month later, we hosted her Wedding Makeup Experience! Her and her then fiance Pietro were attending a concert downtown, and it worked out well to host her appointment that day! We all had a lot of fun and laughs, and I was able to nail Eve's perfect wedding day makeup look!

So let's go over the look a little bit...


For the eyes, Eve wanted a glamorous look that used natural colors. I used a soft champagne on the eyelid, and a deep chocolate brown in the crease to really amp up the drama! A little eyeliner for definition. And then I finished the eyes with long, flirty eyelashes. Gotta add some romance!


Eve had really great skin, and I wanted to let her skin look like skin. I gave a medium coverage, set with a light dusting of powder. Add a touch of blush and bronzer to compliment the theme, and voila!


Eve is not much of a lipstick girl, so during her Wedding Makeup Preview, we found a great lip gloss! We used a warm, bronzed-tone, sparkly lip gloss. The perfect compliment to her beachy elopement day!

Such a gorgeous look! I mean look at the beautiful bride below!

What a stunning couple! And there's more! Eve wrote a glowing review on her experience with Creative Contour By Carla:

"I hired Carla for my elopement ceremony makeup, and she was amazing! Great energy, incredibly talented and just overall a great person to know! I could barely get anyone to talk to me about makeup for just the bride, no one wanted to travel for just me. I was feeling like I was going to have to do my own makeup until I found Carla. I have never felt more beautiful than when Carla did my makeup, would definitely hire her again and will recommend her to anyone looking for a makeup artist!"

Wow, Eve, thank you so much! That is love right there! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your elopement day, and for writing this glowing testimonial! I am so grateful!

And beauties, if you are ready to feel great and look your best on your special day, I have your back! Together, we will collaborate to create your unique wedding day makeup look! Inquire today!

Photos courtesy of Caroline Gilbody Photography.

Lots of love and lipstick,




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