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Everything Eyeliner!

Hi beauties! This one is going to be a fairly easy read. Let's talk all things eyeliner! Specifically, let's talk about the different types of eyeliner. They are:







Let's break down each type:

1. Gel

Gel eyeliner has a long-lasting formula, with a gel consistency. It dries within a minute of application. Gel eyeliner is applied with either an angled liner or pencil liner brush. Gel eyeliner has a strong formula that can withstand oil and sweat.

2. Cream

Cream eyeliner has a creamy formula, similar to the gel eyeliner. Cream eyeliner isn't as long-lasting as the gel formula. However, it has a smooth application, and is very easy to blend and buff. Cream eyeliner is best applied with a pencil liner brush or a similar thin brush.

3. Liquid

Liquid eyeliner comes in 2 forms: either pot or pen. The pot form holds the eyeliner and has a thin brush attached. The pen form has a flexible felt tip. Either option is great to apply liquid eyeliner. In my personal opinion, the pen is easier to use, because you can apply eyeliner in one swipe.

Perfect winged eyeliner!

4. Pencil

Pencil eyeliner has a slightly waxy consistency. Pencil eyeliners have a buildable pigment range. You can apply with one swipe to have a slight enhancement, or multiple swipes to have a strong, defined line. Remember to sharpen your pencil eyeliner after every use!

5. Crayon

Crayon eyeliner has a very waxy, smooth consistency. It is very comfortable to wear. Crayon eyeliner is very easy to blend. It usually comes with a sponge on the opposite end to create a pretty blurred effect. Crayon eyeliners are the perfect style of eyeliner to play with! You can create natural, soft looks, or daring, smoky looks!

Here's the easy eyeliner look I tried with my crayon eyeliner!

6. Cake Eyeliner

Cake eyeliner is a well-known style of eyeliner. Especially amongst professionals. Cake eyeliner is a water-based eyeliner. In order to activate the eyeliner, dip your eyeliner brush into clean water, then swirl into the cake liner pan. Apply to eyelash line or as desired!

Subtle, yet perfect cake eyeliner

Of course with anything, applying eyeliner requires practice!

For my daily routine, I love crayon eyeliner or gel eyeliner! I love being able to play with my makeup and create various fun looks! These types of eyeliner are perfect! As far as what eyeliner works best for your routine: it depends on what your goals are! If you are looking for a clean, refined, professional look, I recommend a gel eyeliner or a pencil eyeliner! If you are going for something glamorous and pretty, definitely gel or cake eyeliners!!!

So that's everything eyeliner beauties! If you are ready to rock perfect eyeliner everyday, then it's time to purchase my digital booklet! 30 pages of my secret weapon makeup tips, including how to achieve perfect eyeliner! I can't wait for you to see this insanely easy makeup trick for perfect eyeliner daily!

Later! <3 Carla



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