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Eyebrows: Maintenance And How To Fill Them

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! Let's talk eyebrows! Specifically eyebrow maintenance and how to fill them!

Hey there, beauty! Let's talk everything eyebrows!
Photo courtesy of Sue Bruce Photography LLC

First let's talk about shaping and maintenance. If you haven't had a formal eyebrow shaping--either by threading or waxing-- now is the time to try it! I personally prefer waxing, because I have seen the best results. If your skin is very sensitive, it may be worth it to try threading first! Sometimes, the wax may be a little hot for the skin and could burn you if you are very sensitive.

It is generally recommended that you have your brows threaded or waxed every 4 weeks. This length of time is consistent with the hair follicle growth. The goal of these hair removal procedures is to remove the hair follicle while it is still attached to the bulb. I always generally recommend asking to have your brows trimmed before the hair removal process begins. Some places will automatically trim, others won't. If you aren't comfortable asking them to trim your eyebrow hair, you can absolutely do it yourself right before you go to your appointment!

First you want to brush the eyebrow hairs. You can purchase either individual mascara wands or a brow brush to do this. You want to brush all the eyebrow hairs in an upward motion, that follows your brow bone shape. Using beauty scissors, trim only the hairs that are longer than the majority of the eyebrow hairs. When you brush the hairs, you will know which hairs are too long! If you are a little uneasy about doing this, take it slow and easy! Brush and trim in multiple sections. Voila! You have trimmed brows!

Brushing eyebrow hair.
Brushing my eyebrow hairs. You can see which hairs are too long and need to be trimmed!

Let's talk about how to fill your beautiful brows! There are so many great eyebrow products out there these days! There are powders, gels, pomades, pencils, etc.! So how do you know what is right for you?! It certainly is overwhelming. If you don't have a lot of eyebrows to work with, pencils, pens, and pomades are your friends! They help you draw in eyebrows with enough detail to create individual hairs. For those of you like me with thick, full eyebrows: powders, gels, and pomades work best for you! You can fill your brows and keep them in place without drawing attention to them!

Filling in my eyebrows.
Filling my eyebrows with my favorite pencil!

Here are my results!

Finished eyebrows
Ta da! Neat, clean, filled eyebrows! (Like my mug here, ha!)

Phew beauties! I don't know about you, but I feel like I am on information overload! Try out this easy routine for yourself! And when you are ready to shape and fill your beautiful brows, I can teach you how!! Book your FREE phone consultation today!

Later! <3 Carla


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