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Fall 2021 Makeup Trends!

Beauties! Hello and welcome back to the blog! Happy Fall/Autumn my friends! A new season means... you guessed, new makeup trends! So let's jump into some of Fall 2021's best and easiest makeup trends!

So first of all, you may have seen on the runway that there are tons of gorgeous makeup trends out there! While some are totally fun (hello electric eyes!), a lot of the trends are totally practical and easy to implement into your makeup routine! So let's get into it already!

Kitten Eyes

Beauties, this is probably one of the easiest fall makeup trends. Kitten eyes refers to a "kitten eye," or "kitten eyeliner." Essentially what this type of eye makeup does is create the illusion of the eye shape similar to a kitten's! What you want to do is grab your eyeliner and a tiny eye brush to create this beautiful, soft eyeliner.

Kitten Eyes

Beauties, I like to use the tiniest eye brush I can find. You can use a small angled liner brush, a formal eyeliner brush, a skinny eye brush, or whatever tiny brush you can find. I like to look halfway down towards the ground and trace a small point on the outer corner of my eye and draw inwards. Make sure that the darkest and boldest part of your eye is the outer corner.

But remember, that this is not a bold winged eyeliner. Keep it as soft and natural as possible here!

Loaded Lashes

Ah yes, I've been waiting for this to come back in style! While false eyelashes are so much fun to wear, it's certainly a chore to put them on everyday! Go back to the old school way of making your eyelashes pop: lots and lots of mascara! I recommend adding up to 5 swipes of mascara. Make sure you let each coat dry in between applications.

Loaded Lashes

Beauties, you want to curl your lashes really well before applying mascara. Once you get your ideal curl, then start swiping on your mascara. Wait until each coat is fully dried, then do a tiny, quick curl again once mascara is set. Enjoy bold, loaded eyelashes!

Soap Brows

Beauties, this style of eyebrow has always been makeup artist's go-to secrets! Thank to IG and YouTube, this style of eyebrow has become very trendy. I will be honest and admit that this is a great trend for those of us who have naturally full eyebrows.

Soap Brows

There are a few ways to achieve the soap brows look. I personally like to use gel to achieve this look. A hair gel works just fine! If your brows are a bit more tamed, you can grab a clean mascara spoolie, spray it with water, and scrub it on a clean bar of pear soap. Then, apply it onto your brows after you have filled them. Buff out any residue, and let set. Ta da, soap brows!

Electric Eyes

This is such a fun trend!! Especially since we are still on the cusp of switching between mask wearing and not mask wearing. When you have to wear a mask, the electric eyes makeup trend is the perfect way to have fun with your makeup look! On my eyes, I used a fun aqua color. You can use whatever color you feel will look boldest on your eyes, as long as it stands out!! You want people to notice your eye makeup from far far away!

Electric Eyes

So fun, right!!

Now that we've handled all of the eye makeup trends, let's get back into lips! Someday, we will be tossing out our masks, and lipstick will be back in the spotlight! For some areas, you may have already tossed out your masks for good. So these two trends are certainly for you!!

Bold Lipstick

Yes beauties, bold lips are back in trend this fall! It's so exciting to be rocking all of my gorgeous bold lipsticks again! Red lipstick specifically was the trend on the runway, but if red isn't your style, have fun with whatever color you want!!

Rocking my red lip!

If you aren't a red-lipped lady, some other great colors I recommend are: berry, eggplant, plum, dark chocolate brown, coral, orange, deep purples, and vampy lip colors!

Glossy Lips

Yes beauties, this is one of my fave trends out there! Lip gloss is back in style!! I've always loved wearing lip gloss, especially the ones that look really juicy! Enjoy a shiny lip with a touch of color! I personally like to layer clear or sparkly lip gloss on top of a matte lipstick. It's the best of both worlds: a beautiful lip color and juicy lips!!

Glossy lips!

I really do love a great gloss!

So beauties, that's it! Those are the fall 2021 makeup trends! I can't wait to see how you rock yours! Don't forget to take me on Facebook and Instagram @creativecontourbycarla! I want to see your looks!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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