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Fun 2021 Makeup Trends To Try!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! I am so excited to talk about these fun makeup trends to try this year! We finally made it to 2021. Aren't we all relieved!?! Now that we are in the new year, we need try out some new makeup styles!

Beauties, I did some research into the 2021 fashion styles and makeup looks from Fashion Week! And wow did I find some great makeup styles and fun makeup looks! So let's jump right into it!!

Here are the 5 makeup styles that were most popular at the 2021 Fashion Week runways:

  1. Effortless Makeup

  2. Natural & Classic

  3. "See The Rainbow!"

  4. Bold Lips

  5. All About Eyes

Effortless Makeup

Beauties, I know the last place you would think to find a makeup style like this is at Fashion Week, but alas friends, this was one of the most popular styles! Effortless makeup lives up to its name: it requires minimal effort to create this look. You'll fool everyone thinking that you don't have any makeup on! This is a great time to say: I woke up like this!

This style of makeup is perfect when you only have a few minutes to get ready. Pop on makeup products that can work in multiple areas and still look great. It will save you a ton of time, and you will look great in minutes!

Here is my interpretation of this makeup style:

Natural & Classic

The most common makeup style seen off the runway, natural and classic has officially made its way onto the runway! This makeup style is easy to achieve and very wearable. As a makeup artist who specializes in this style of makeup, I am so proud that Fashion Week showed off my go-to style! I love that this style is normalized for all women to wear.

I love this style of makeup because you can wear it anywhere: work, a special event, your birthday, etc.! It looks great and is appropriate everywhere!

Here is my classic style:

wedding makeup look
PC: Deena Ryan Photography

I stayed true to this style of makeup. I used neutral tones that work well on many skin tones. Of course regardless of your skin tone, there are beautiful neutral colors that work well for you! I can help you find those!

See The Rainbow!

Skittles say "Taste the rainbow," I am here to say see the rainbow! Fashion Week brought lots of colorful makeup looks back to the runway. Express your individuality with bright, happy colors! I personally love to wear a lot of color in my everyday wardrobe, so when I saw that I can now add color to my makeup, my heart filled with joy!

Most of the looks in this style featured pinks, yellows, blues, and greens!

After the year we had last year, a little color will add a fun touch to any makeup look! It makes everything seem a little nicer and puts a smile on anyone's face! Now it's your turn, beauties! Try out this fun makeup look!

Here is my creation of this style:

Beauties, this is definitely a specific style. And is definitely a more advanced look. No need worry. I can teach you how to use these colors to create a fun, beautiful makeup look! I will teach you how to express yourself with this bright, happy colorful makeup style!

Bold Lips

Beauties, bold lips are always in style. I love to add a bold lip to finish a gorgeous makeup look, regardless of the style of makeup. I just love a pop of color on the lips!

For those of you who are newer to makeup, or want to spice up your classic makeup looks, adding a bold lip is a fun style to try! Fuschia, hot pink, and red dominated the runway at Fashion Week! I love all three of these gorgeous, bold colors. I bet you'll find a shade you'll love too, beauties!

Here are some of my bold lip looks:

If you are unsure of which bold lip color to try, I can help! I will help you shop for a great bold lip color to try in your next makeup look!

All About Eyes

Beauties, eye makeup looks are going to be all the rage for awhile! While we are still in the covid-19 pandemic, masks are a necessity. You can still rock a great makeup look while wearing a mask! Rock a great eye makeup look!

All about eyes is the perfect makeup style that shows off your gorgeous peepers! I recommend following the Fashion Week trend and going full glam on your eye makeup. You can do a grunge, glamorous smokey eye, or thick black eyeliner to really make your peepers pop!

Check out how I created this glamorous makeup trend:

winged eyeliner
I love this bold, winged eyeliner!

Beauties, I am here to help you learn how to apply these gorgeous eye makeup looks! Book your makeup class today!

I can't wait to help you navigate these fun makeup trends! I have lots of tips and tricks that will make applying these fun makeup looks easy AF! I want to teach you!!

And of course, if you have any questions about these classes, or need help deciding which class is the best for you, book your FREE 15-minute phone consultation!

I am so excited to help you with these fun makeup classes!

Later! <3 Carla


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