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Getting Ready With Your Crew On Your Wedding Day: The Guide!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hello beautiful brides-to-be!! Happy #weddingwednesday! Today I wanted to give you an idea of how your day will start out when you're getting ready with your bridesmaids!

Fun Boston Wedding Makeup!
Getting ready fun with your bridesmaids! Photo courtesy of ARS Magna Studio

It's most likely going to start pretty early. Of course this depends on a few factors such as:

-party size

-ceremony time

-will you be taking photos before the ceremony?

-are you doing a first look with your honey?

-travel time (to your ceremony/first look/etc.)

Boston Wedding Makeup Fun!
Fun times on your wedding day Photo courtesy of Whiting Photography

I like to create a schedule so everything has a smooth flow. I do add enough time for each person to have a full makeup experience: including skin preparation, makeup application, lashes, and lipstick. I also allot time for touch-ups at the end of the day while you are getting dressed! It's important to me that you don't have to worry about anything. I want to make sure that you can focus on relaxing and enjoying yourself on such an important day!

Boston Wedding Makeup!
Bride's time! Photo courtesy of Gregory Hitchcock Photography

You want to make sure you have your food and drink squared away before your wedding day. I recommend adding that for your week-of-wedding to-do list. If you have to pick up these items, arrange for someone to do that during the same week.

Cheers to Boston Wedding Makeup!
Cheers to your wedding day! Photo courtesy of Michelle Miale Photography

Location, location, location! Make sure you already have your designated space for getting ready with the crew! Test out electrical outlets in the space so myself and your hair stylist can plug in our equipment during setup and get started right away!

Don't worry about a thing for makeup setup: I bring everything, so you don't have to lift a finger!

**I just ask that there is a parking space. And please refrain from having pets around during the getting ready process. Pets cannot be around my makeup equipment.**

Boston Wedding Makeup!
Kit Sneak Peeks! Photo courtesy of Lovya Dev Photography

Then there's your makeup experience! I allow a lovely 1-hour time slot to pamper you and help you relax! Sit in my chair knowing that I will recreate your ideal makeup look from your bridal makeup trial. Of course, if you need to have a bite or sip, feel free to do so. This is your day! And I will make sure you brush your teeth before we apply lipstick!

Boston Wedding Makeup In Action!
Finishing touches! Photo courtesy of Gregory Hitchcock Photography

And of course beauties, it is my goal to create the absolute best makeup experience for you on your wedding day. Sometimes, things happen that are out of both of our controls, but know that I strive to help you feel your absolute best, so you can look your absolute best on your wedding day! You leave the makeup to me!!

So that's it, beauties! This is a simple guide of what your wedding day makeup experience will look like! It is such an honor to start your wedding day with you! I love that all of the brides in the #CCBCBrideFam pamper themselves on such an important day! After all, you've done all this work planning, why not relax on the big day! And beauties, if you are ready to look and feel your most beautiful on your wedding day, schedule your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation today!!

Later! <3 Carla

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