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Gift Your Loved Ones A Beautiful Makeup Experience This Holiday Season 2019!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! As you know by now, #smallbusinesssaturday is November 30, 2019. This holiday season, Creative Contour by Carla is offering gift cards for Individual Makeup Applications or Individual Makeup Lessons!

Photo courtesy of Allie Dowd

Individual Makeup Experience

Let your loved ones enjoy a pampering makeup experience for their special event! The makeup experience is a 1-hour makeup service, starting with a relaxing skin preparation. It's like a mini facial! Then we move onto the makeup application. During the makeup application, we will discuss her makeup needs and desires. I will put her responses into action, finishing with a beautiful lip color and false eyelashes! There isn't a better way to get ready for her special event!

Photo courtesy of Lauren Dobish

Individual Makeup Lesson

She loves makeup! And of course she loves getting her makeup done! However, she isn't sure how to create a makeup look for her day-to-day. She wants to wear makeup in a way that is natural, yet professional enough for work! I have her covered! During our 1-hour makeup session, she will receive a 1-on-1 lesson fully catered to her needs. The makeup lesson includes instruction and hands-on application! Make sure she brings her makeup bag-- I will provide the rest! Together, we will create the makeup look she desires! After our lesson is over, I will send her a summary of the lesson, so she can practice on her own time!

Photo courtesy of Lovya Dev

Either option is a wonderful gift for the beauty lover in your life! Gift cards will be available all holiday season! To purchase a gift card, please click below:

It's that easy, folks! I can't wait to beautify you!! Happy holidays!

<3 Carla



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