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Halloween Makeup Inspo: Cute Cat Makeup

Meow, and hello, boooties! The easiest to achieve Halloween costume: Cute Kitty Cat! The all-time Halloween favorite costume, am I right or am I right?! I'm sure we've all gone as the Cute Kitty Cat at one point or another! But today's version is a little more elevated!

While this is an easy Halloween costume, I wanted to have a little bit of fun with my makeup look! I always like to pair a cute, fashionable top with my cat ears, so the costume stands out a little bit.

So let's see my version of Cute Kitty Cat makeup, and break it down, shall we?!

Creative Contour By Carla is posing to show off the makeup look.
So cute, right?!

So like I said, obviously the cat ears. And you know me, anything supuuuur cute for sure! Here are some fun elements of the Cute Kitty Cat Halloween Makeup Look:

Glam Eyes:

Beauties, let's be honest here. We all know cats have beautiful eyes. So I made sure to include a fun glamorous element that draws attention to my eyes. I personally love long, full false eyelashes, so I had to finish my eyes with them! Lots of eyeliner, and shiny, neutral tones.

Full Coverage Complexion:

I personally like a full coverage complexion on myself. However, with this flirty Halloween makeup look, it makes a lot of sense to add a little sensuality! If you want to add even more sensuality to your makeup look, a little highlight is a fun compliment!

Kitty Cat Nose:

Got to get those little cute noses just right! I took my time to make sure the nose resembled a cat nose on my nose. You want your Hot Girl Halloween makeup look to resemble your inspiration a little bit after all!

Glam Lips:

Beauties, I thought a red lipstick was so fitting for this Halloween makeup look. It adds an element of sophistication, but is still really cute! And if you've been on my blog for awhile now, you know I love a good bold lip! I played it up in the corners by adding some black contouring and liner to really amp up the fun!

Here's my fun before and after!

And beauties, I'm here to help you this Halloween! I want to help you slay your Halloween festivities! Forget about trying to find the right products and techniques! I have your back. Sit in my chair this Halloween and slay your scarecrow makeup look!

Inquire today, by heading to the Other Services page, and scrolling to the bottom and filling out a Hot Girl Halloween Makeup inquiry form!!!

Lots of love and lipstick,


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