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Halloween Makeup Inspo: Devilishly Savvy

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Booooties, what a great idea for a traditional Halloween costume! All you need is to grab some horns and you'll be ready! Today's Hot Girl Halloween Makeup Inspiration is Devilishly Saavy. Yup, that's right, you'll be hot, hot, hot in this traditional Halloween costume! Of course with your own devilish spin!

So let's jump right into it!

creative contour by carla is posing to show off devil halloween makeup
pretty devilish if i do say so myself!

Here's the breakdown of the look:


Remember, the devil's colors are black and red, so I tried my best to incorporate it as much as possible! I really wanted to mix the colors moreso on my eyes, but we can customize it to your liking during your Hot Girl Halloween Makeup Session.

Red Lip

Pretty self explanatory at this point, but I'll mention it anyway. What kind of devil doesn't have a red lip?!

Smoked Out Eyes

This is where I really had fun! I got the shape inspiration from someone on Pinterest named Makeupbytammi, and adapted the look to make it my own! I loved how she shaped the eyes, and I really wanted to have fun! I created a charcoal smokey eye on my eyes, then added red to mimic the shape of horns to play up the horns on my headband! So fun!

Check out my fun before and after of Devilishly Saavy!

And beauties, I'm here to help you this Halloween! I want to help you slay your Halloween festivities! Forget about trying to find the right products and techniques! I have your back. Sit in my chair this Halloween and slay your scarecrow makeup look!

Inquire today, by heading to the Other Services page, and scrolling to the bottom and filling out a Hot Girl Halloween Makeup inquiry form!!!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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