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Halloween Makeup Inspo: The Mystical Mermaid

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Boooooties, hey there! Today's feature is one ethereal halloween costume idea! If you want to have fun with your Halloween costume this year, then The Mystical Mermaid should definitely be on your list of ideas!! It's so much fun, and while it's a popular costume, I'm here to help make it as easy as possible for you to rock this Halloween! All you need to do is grab your fins!

So let's take a look at this inspo and break it down shall we?!

Creative Contour By Carla is posing to show off the makeup look
So cute, right?!

Here are some key factors of this ethereal Halloween Makeup Look:

Satin Skin

Keeping your skin satin-y and as skin-like as possible will really enhance the divine nature of this fun costume! Think of Disney's The Little Mermaid as some fun inspiration!

Bold Eyes

I personally think with this type of Halloween Makeup look, that bold eye makeup is a given. I went with fun green tones to compliment the cool blues in my mermaid costume. But we will use whatever colors work best with your mermaid costume!

Glossy Lips

Lip gloss is back in trend, beauties. So let's add it to our Halloween Makeup Looks! Depending on the overall vibe of your mermaid costume, together we will select the best gloss option for you!

Mermaid Scales

A mermaid would be nothing without their scales, am I right?! No worries here, because I have a great method that will ensure you have gorgeous fish scales to complete your mermaid Halloween Glam!

A Glow from within

Or outside, or allover! Glow is definitely part of this under-the-sea Halloween costume! At your Hot Girl Halloween session, we will discuss what is the best way to bring out your salty, sea glow!

Here is a fun before and after to get the real effect:

And beauties, I'm here to help you this Halloween! I want to help you slay your Halloween festivities! Forget about trying to find the right products and techniques! I have your back. Sit in my chair this Halloween and slay your scarecrow makeup look!

Inquire today, by heading to the Other Services page, and scrolling to the bottom and filling out a Hot Girl Halloween Makeup inquiry form!!!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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