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Helpful Tips To Find The Right Blush Colors For You

Hey beauties! Welcome back to Creative Contour By Carla™! Today, I wanted to give you all some easy tips on how to find the right blush colors for you!

**So before we get into it, a quick disclaimer: this is my professional opinion, and other professional makeup artists may disagree, or give different advice. You need to take the advice that resonates with you the most, and fits your unique needs.**

So now that we got that out of the way, let's get into the good stuff!!

client smiling for a photo

How Colors Show Up Against Your Skin

Okay beauties, so this one sounds a little complex, but is actually really simple. Before we go into anything, we want to get an understand of how colors show up naturally against our skin color. For example, on myself, everything shows up warm, even cool tones! For those of you who already wear makeup, this should be pretty easy to navigate. If you have never worn makeup, and do not know how to look for this, I have an easy tip: go to your local makeup store or makeup counter. Swatch some of the makeup products available on the back of your hand. It does not matter if you like the colors. Feel free to move them in a little on the back of your hand. If you see the products naturally lean more yellow or red, then makeup leans warm against you. If you see more blue tones, they lean more cool.

Again, this is just looking at how colors show up against your skin naturally. Knowing this information will help you make easy decisions when looking for blush colors.

Your Desired Makeup Look

What type of look are you going for? Do you like a flushed cheek? Or are you more of a muted blush type? It really just depends on what you want to wear, and how you want to look.

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While skin depth and undertone are important factors of your makeup look, I personally don't believe that they are the deciding factors. I believe that you can use them as factors in decision making, but they aren't the end-all be-all, if you catch my drift!

Beauties, if you want some help deciding on finding the right blushes for you, let's go shopping! Inquire for your Personal Makeup Shopping Session today!

Lots of love, lipstick, and beautiful blushes,


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