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Highlighter: How Much Is Too Much?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! I wanted to talk about highlighter today! Highlighter is a great product because it helps create a beautiful glow in your makeup look! But how much is too much? Which type of highlighter works best for you? How should you apply it?

Highlighter creates a beautiful glow!
PC: Danyel Stapleton Photography

First I want to discuss how much highlighter is too much. While it is fun to experiment with an allover glow, sometimes we get too carried away with the highlight. Highlighter is meant to be used to mimic naturally glowing skin. If you apply highlighter and you are shining brighter than a diamond, you have applied too much highlight.

There is a really easy way to create a naturally glowing skin. Have a solid skincare routine! And of course, apply a hydrating moisturizer before you start your makeup! You can also mix a little bit of highlighter with your moisturizer or foundation to get a subtle, natural, overall glow! If you do not want to have an overall glow, subtly apply highlighter in the areas of the face that you want to add a little shine.

PC: Danyel Stapleton Photography

As you can see in the above photo, the focus of this look was to glow! I finished this fresh makeup look with liquid highlighter. I subtly applied liquid highlighter on the parts of the face I wanted to enhance. The goal of this look was dewy, fresh, and bright. I went quite bit heavier under the eyebrow to really make the entire look bright!

After all this information, you are probably wondering which highlighter is right for you! the three types of highlight are:

1. Powder

This type is the closest formula to a powder eyeshadow! It often has less glitter mixed into it, and more shine! It's best to use a large fan brush or a small fluffy brush. Powder highlight works well for those who have oily skin. It also works well when applied on top of creme or liquid highlighters!

2. Creme

Most resembling a creme eyeshadow, creme highlight is packed with lots of shine! The formula is a bit thinner than a creme eyeshadow. This formula creates the most natural glow. I recommend warming the product on the back of your hand and applying with your finger. I recommend a dabbing motion until desired highlight is achieved. Creme highlighter works well on any skin type.

3. Liquid

This is the thinnest of the formulas. A little goes a LONG long way, beauties. With liquid highlight, you will shine as bright as a diamond! I recommend applying a few dots to the back of your hand, warming, and applying with your finger. Use a dabbing motion until desired highlight is achieved. Liquid highlight works well on all skin types.

Beauties, remember that lighting plays a part in how much highlight you want to apply. My recommendation is to wear highlighter subtly in your day makeup looks. Don't be afraid to amp up highlighter for your night looks!

So beauties, that's it. Now that you know a little bit about highlighter and how to use it, it's time to glow on!

Now you're thinking: I want to glow AF, now what? Now it's time for you to go shopping! I am here to help. I can help you select the best highlighter! During your Personal Makeup Shopping Experience, we will discuss your highlighting desires and then go shopping from the comforts of home! I am happy to help!

<3 Carla



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