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Holiday Makeup Tips!

Carla is smiling while posing for a holiday photo
Happy holidays, beauties!

Hey beauties, happy holidays my friends! Halloween is the unofficial start to the holiday season, so here we are discussing beautiful, easy, makeup tips for you to try out! I want to help you look your best this holiday season, so let's talk about what you can do to rock your fave makeup looks at any gathering!

And also, happy holidays! They say it's the greatest time of year-- greatest time of year for makeup! LOL, it's always a good time of year for makeup! Especially when you can wear fun makeup looks!

So let's jump on in!

glitter being spilled out of the container
Glitter can add a fun sparkle to your makeup look!

Sparkly Eye Makeup

Beauties, it really is the greatest time of year when you can wear all of the sparkly glitter! If you have ever wanted to rock something sparkly in your look, the holiday season is the perfect time to do it! I recommend using a sparkly eyeshadow to really amp up your look!

And don't be afraid to have fun with it, beauties! Enjoy a bold red glittery eye makeup, or maybe even green! Whatever you choose, enjoy and express yourself with a fun glitter!

Carla posing with her eyes closed to show off gold sparkly eyeshadow.
Check out MY gold, sparkly eye shadow!

Now beauties, I know that not everyone likes to sparkle all over, like me! So for those of you who are not keen on sparkling to high heaven, try a bold eye makeup instead!

Bold Eye Makeup

Beauties, bold eye makeup is always a great trend for holiday makeup looks! More often than not, you are probably wearing bold eye makeup for holiday parties and gatherings anyway, so let me show you some fun ways to amp up your look!

Smokey Eye with Spotlight Glow

Tight shot of Carla's eye to show off smokey eye makeup look.
Don't you love this gorgeous smokey eye?!

Beauties, have fun rocking a deep, sultry smokey eye! But don't forget to have some fun with the look! You can follow my idea and apply a bright green spotlight to really amp up your smokey eye look!

Don't forget to add on lots of mascara, eyeliner, and maybe eye lashes!

Stunning Silver Eye Makeup Glamour

Beauties, wow your guests at your next holiday gathering with this stunning silver eye makeup glamour! This glamorous eye makeup look will certainly have you looking like the celebrity you are!

Now beauties, there are other ways to make your holiday makeup look pop this holiday season!

Red Lips

Beauties, this is a classic makeup trend that has been around for the longest time! I love rocking a beautiful red lip for my holiday gatherings!

Carla is looking in the mirror while applying red lipstick
Loving this matte, red lip!

So how can you find your ideal red lipstick?

First of all, while there are multiple shades of red lipstick out there, not everyone loves wearing red lipstick. So, if you are unsure of wearing red lipstick, try out a lip gloss instead! Red lip glosses come in all sorts of pigment levels and undertones, so the following advice will be helpful in which one to choose.


Lipstick, like our skin, comes in multiple undertones.

If you have a cool undertone, you usually see the following colors in your skin tone: blue, purple, olive, or golden. It is best for you to choose a blue-based red lipstick.

If you have a warm undertone, you usually see the following colors in your skintone: red, yellow, orange. It is best for you to choose a yellow- or orange-based red lipstick.

If you generally see a pinkish color in your skin, and none of the above colors are prominent in your skin, then you are most likely a neutral undertone. Basically that means that you probably don't lean towards warm or cool! The biggest advantage to having a neutral undertone? You can wear all of the red lipsticks mentioned above!

This same process applies to choosing a red lip gloss, beauties! The advantage of choosing a lip gloss over a lipstick is that you get all the lovely shine of a gloss, and color of a lipstick, without the commitment and color stain of a lipstick!

Carla blowing a kiss at the camera.
Don't you love my red lip gloss, beauties!

And don't forget about your complexion, beauties! Especially while we are still in the midst of the pandemic!

Make It Matte

For those of you who are gathering this holiday season, we are still in a pandemic. And because of that, you may need to wear a mask at your gathering! Be sure to keep your complexion makeup matted, so it will sit nicely under your holiday mask!!

I recommend using a mattifying setting spray layered with a setting powder. I always like to use my setting spray first, then apply powder after it has dried. I recommend 1-2 sprays for the entire face. And make sure to use a very light dusting of your setting powder!

I also recommend doing the same routine inside your face mask! Spray your face mask once with your setting spray, let dry. Then lightly dust your setting powder on top of the spray. You're welcome!!

Doing this method will insure that your makeup doesn't move under your face mask, and it will keep everything in place while you socialize!

Carla is applying powder with a brush while looking in the mirror.
Keeping everything matte and in place!

So beauties, these are my holiday makeup tips!! I can't wait to see how you use them!! Be sure to tag me on your social media so I can see your skills!!

And for those of you who are ready to sit in my makeup chair, BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY!

Lots of love and lipstick,

Carla <3



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