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Hot Girl Halloween Makeup Inspo: Vampy Glam

Hey booooties! Happy Halloween!! I hope you all are having a lot of fun, you spoooky ghouls! We are getting into the spooooookiest time of the year!

Today's Hot Girl Halloween Makeup Inspo is Vamply Glam! So let's get into it!

So as you can see, we had a lot of fun glamming up these two vamps! Our first glampy vamp, Cate, wanted a more subtle look, with a fun combination of red and eggplant that compliments her red costume! She wanted the emphasis to be on the blooooood dropping from her vampy mouth! I love it, soo spooky!

We kept the blood the focus of her look, and even opted for a bit more of a "messy" lipstick, so it looks like her blood was fresh! Very vampy, indeed!

Then we have Mr. Brandon, who wanted to have a more ghoulish effect. Think of vampires hiding in the night! Very spooky, indeed. We used more greys and smokey colors to create the effect of vampires running in the night! You all know exactly what I am talking about!

And of course, vampires love blood! We couldn't forget about adding a little drop of blood here or there to remind you how serious vampires are! That's why you can see a little bit of blood coming through Brandon's beard, because if he's a vampire, it would go everywhere!! Seriously spooooky! Beauties, once the blood was dispersed, we had to make sure that it fell just right. Which is so funny, because we had Cate and Brandon tilting and tipping their heads in all directions! We had to make sure they were authentic, you know what I mean!!

Beauties, I am always here for you, even when you are at your spookiest! I am still taking on a few Hot Girl Halloween Makeup Experiences for the Halloween season, so feel free to inquire on the Other Services page, at the bottom of the page!

Lot of love, lipstick, ghouls, and goblins,




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