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Hot Girl Halloween Makeup: Maleficient

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Booooooooties! Happy Halloween! I can't believe how fast time flies when you are having fun, and I am doing just that here at Creative Contour By Carla! This Halloween season is really bringing out my creative side, and I like it!

With that being said, today's Hot Girl Halloween is actually one of my gorgeous customers! She is a Halloween baby, and always celebrates her birthday around the Halloween holiday! This year for her birthday, she is going as Maleficent. Isn't that sooo cool?!!

So let's break down this fun, Maleficient halloween makeup! First of all, let me start out by saying that my customer brought multiple photos for inspiration, and I tried my best to use elements from each photo to create this look!

Big False Eyelashes

Beauties, of course with any costume, there needs to be the opportunity for some glam!! Big falsies are the way to go with any Halloween costume! It's the one time you can have as much fun as you want! Of course, I'm all for it!!!

Green and Purple

These were colors specifically requested by the customer! Purple feathers were part of her costume, and they had an element that had a metallic green color on them, so of course when she asked for these colors, I had to incorporate them! I implemented a lot of purple: a magenta tone on the eyes, purple blush, and an overall purple contour. I added a bright green incorporated as highlights on high points to bring a bright glow.

Natural Lipstick

I kept the lipstick on the nude side, to keep the makeup look balanced. I mixed in some gold glitter and topped with a silvery-pinky lip gloss to really made a fun effect!

Check out the video capture of her look:

And beauties, I'm here to help you this Halloween! I want to help you slay your Halloween festivities! Forget about trying to find the right products and techniques! I have your back. Sit in my chair this Halloween and slay your scarecrow makeup look!

Inquire today, by heading to the Other Services page, and scrolling to the bottom and filling out a Hot Girl Halloween Makeup inquiry form!!!

Lots of love and lipstick,


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