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Hot Girl Halloween Makeup: The Joker

Boooooties! Halloween is just about days away! I am so excited about how close we are to the spooky holiday! Today's blog is another Halloween makeup look, that is super spooooooky! Trigger warning, this is a makeup look involving clown makeup!

If you don't know about Batman by now, you'll learn about one of his arch enemies in this blog! That's right, booooooties, today's Hot Girl Halloween makeup look is the Joker from Batman!

Alright, beauties, here is my version below:

Creative Contour By Carla poses to show off joker makeup costume
yeeesh! creepy isn't it?!

Okay boooooties, let me break down some key aspects of the look:

Face Paints

Since these are the easiest to access during the Halloween season, I went ahead and used face paints to create the closest look I could to that of The Joker.

Spooky Clown

Remember, that The Joker is basically a really scary clown, so the scarier, and more clown-like the makeup, the closer you'll look to him! Unfortunately, my green wig didn't arrive in time for me to get the complete look, but you can use your imagination on that part!

Make It Last

Beauties, this is the best aspect of the makeup look where I will help you most!! I have the tools and techniques to keep your spooky makeup look scaring all your guests at your Halloween gathering! I have your back!

And how could I forget?! Let's get that spoooooky before and after in:

And beauties, I'm here to help you this Halloween! I want to help you slay your Halloween festivities! Forget about trying to find the right products and techniques! I have your back. Sit in my chair this Halloween and slay your scarecrow makeup look!

Inquire today, by heading to the Other Services page, and scrolling to the bottom and filling out a Hot Girl Halloween Makeup inquiry form!!!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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