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How A Professional Makeup Look Photographs!

Updated: Apr 6

Hi beauties! Today I want to talk ALL about how your makeup looks in photos! So let's get right into it!

Photo courtesy of ARS Magna Studio

First of all, a professional camera lens is quite different than your phone's camera lens! There are varying sizes that capture multiple levels of detail. On your wedding day, your photographer will use different lenses to capture each photo. (This is all the knowledge I have on cameras, so if you have questions about this, definitely ask your photographer!)

Something you should know, beauties: your makeup look will be a little bit heavier, and more elevated than your daily makeup (as it should be). As professionals, we use products that will show up on camera, but don't feel like you have pounds of makeup on.

Photo courtesy of Caroline Gilbody Photography

Here are two factors that affect how your makeup looks in photographs:


-Your Skin's Condition At The Time Of Photos

Photo courtesy of Lovya Dev Photography

1. Lighting

Your photographer will be able to discuss this in depth with you, but I will just briefly touch on this topic. Lighting is important in your photos. Of course, you want well-lit photos, so you can see your beautiful face! Also, lighting does affect how makeup photographs. Well-lit photos are also ideal for makeup because it really allows the makeup to show up and enhance your beautiful features!

Photo courtesy of Gregory Hitchcock Photography

2. Your Skin's Conditions At The Time Of Photos

Beauties, I could go on for days about this topic! I'll try my best to keep this one short and sweet! Of course, you should have a skincare routine in place (if you don't, let's chat)! Skin preparation is part of the makeup experience I provide, but your skincare upkeep is essential to maintain that glowy perfection we create!

Photo courtesy of Allie Dowd Photography

So beauties, it's that easy! To sum up everything: your professional makeup look will be a bit heavier than your daily makeup. Also, factors such as lighting and your skin's condition will affect how your makeup looks in photos. BUT your makeup photographs differently from a professional camera than your phone's camera.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! I'll try my best to answer them! And if I can't answer them? I'll gladly refer you to my go-to photographers who can answer your questions!

Beauties, I am always here for you!

And beauties, if you are ready to look and feel your most beautiful on your wedding day, schedule your complimentary 10-minute phone consultation today!! Simply send me an email:, with the subject line: "Hi Carla! I am ready to schedule my complimentary phone consultation!"

Later! <3 Carla



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