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How Do I Know My Perfect Foundation Match?

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hey beauties! I hope all of you are making it by! I'm always here for you! Especially when it comes to navigating the makeup world. It certainly can be overwhelming!

Worry no longer, I am here for you!

Remember that during the COVID-19 Pandemic, makeup testers are not available. This means no swatching to find your match. (Honestly, testers are naaaaasty and you do not want to use them on your face... EVER. If you must use them in the future, try them on the back of your hand only. You can wash your hands easily!) I know a lot of you depend on being able to test out a product at any makeup counter. So how do your navigate this new normal?

Here are two easy tips:

  1. Snap a selfie

And pose! Make sure to snap a selfie without makeup on. (I know this is a hard one!) Make sure you snap that selfie in great lighting-- either a well-lit room, or in natural light! Make sure if you snap your photo in natural lighting that you are not in direct sunlight. I recommend snapping your selfie within two feet of a window. You can sit or stand, depending on your height.

2. Know your undertone

Beauties, knowing your undertone is sooooo important! Are you warm, cool, neutral? Do you have an olive undertone? Maybe blue or violet? These factors are make or break for the perfect matching foundation! If you select a foundation with an undertone that is different than yours, you will notice it immediately when you apply your foundation. It totally stinks when you find out the hard way!

If you need help finding your perfect foundation match, I'm here to help. During your Personal Makeup Shopping appointment, we will discuss your skin tone, undertone, and foundation formula preferences! I will help you shop for the foundation with the best match. Sit back and relax while we shop virtually.

Grab your favorite snack and drink and let's get started!

I can't wait to help you shop!

<3 Carla


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