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How I Clean My Brushes & Other Sanitization Practices!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! This question comes up quite a bit from my clients! They always ask me how I clean my brushes and if my makeup tools and products clean. I haven't covered this topic yet, and thought I would answer some of your questions!

So let's start with how I clean my brushes. First of all, I have hundreds of brushes in my professional makeup kit. I make sure to bring enough brushes for every person in your party. I usually tie enough brushes for every person together with an elastic or bring my large brush bag! Then when I am done, I bring a designated dirty brush bag so I can wash them when I get home!

I also use a 3-step sanitation process on-site:

Step 1: Brush Cleaner

On-location, I use an anti-bacterial brush cleaner to remove all makeup residue in between each face.

I currently use: Parian Spirit Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner

Step 2: Brush Shampoo

Once I have completed makeup services for your group, I wash each brush with special shampoo. The shampoo washes the brush hairs and deep-cleans them! I let them air dry after.

I currently use: Sephora Detox Deep-Cleaning Brush Shampoo

Step 3: Sanitation

Per Federal Law, I use 70% alcohol to sanitize the entire collection of brushes. I sanitize the entire brush collection from hair to handle! My simple comprehension of why Federal Law requires using 70% alcohol to sanitize tools is that this percentage level of alcohol takes longer to evaporate. This means that it will destroy any remaining bacteria on the tools.

Once the brushes are sanitized, I sanitize my brush belt, put them away, and zip it closed! This insures the brushes stay clean!

Ta da! Clean brushes!

Some of my other sanitation practices:

70% Alcohol:

In addition to sanitizing my brushes, I also use this percentage of alcohol to sanitize other tools in my kit such as: stainless steel palettes and spatula, airbrush machine, the outside shell of my aluminum kit, and of course my most important tools: my hands! I also use it to swipe clean any makeup products that touch faces: any eyeliners, lip pencils, and other products of this nature.

I purchase mine from the drugstore!

Medical gloves and sanitary masks:

This may seem excessive to the reader. I want you to think about this: would you want someone working on your face for 45 minutes while they are coughing and sneezing? The obvious answer is no. So how does this come into play? This is more of an emergency practice. It also helps me stay healthy if you wake up under the weather on your special day! This way, I am not spreading any contaminants!

I also understand that some people have certain health conditions where their immune system may not be as strong as others and they can get contaminated easily from someone who isn't sick or contagious. These items will help prevent cross-contamination from person-to-person via my hands. Having these items on-hand is helpful so ANYONE can have a beautiful makeup application!


These items are useful to fully prevent contaminants from spreading from person-to-person. I carry paper towels, sponges, cotton pads, lip wands, cotton swabs and mascara wands. I keep these items fully stocked in my kit so that if you do have the issue of waking up under the weather, we can still create your beautiful makeup look for your special event!

Table Cover

Bet you weren't thinking of this one! I like to bring a table cover with me on-site in order to keep your table clean and makeup-free! I believe this is a sanitation practice because it keeps all of your property clean and in the condition you keep it!

Makeup Sanitation Spray

I definitely know that this one will be new for a lot of you. I use a makeup sanitation spray to sanitize all products in between each client. I use this to spray all makeup palettes including: eyeshadow, lip palettes, face palettes, all powder palettes, and all other palettes in my kit. I also use it to spray all tubed products such as mascara and liquid lipstick.

Stainless Steel Palettes and Spatula

I LOVE my stainless steel palette and spatula! They not only make my job easier, but they aid my sanitary practices! Stainless steel is super easy to clean: I simply use my brush cleaner to remove all makeup products, then drench the palettes in 70% alcohol until it evaporates to keep them clean and sanitary!

They also aid in keeping my products and application very sanitary. The makeup goes from container to palette to brush to YOUR FACE. Everything stays clean and sanitary, and no passing germs!

Clean tools!

Okay beauties, that's it! These are the ways in which I keep my entire kit clean and sanitized. This is an extremely important topic for me to discuss with you. I want you all to be aware of my sanitary practices!

If you have ANY questions at all about my sanitary practices, please feel free to book your free 15-minute phone consultation today!

Later! <3 Carla



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