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How I Manage A Makeup Business As A Solopreneur

Hey beauties! I am back at it on the blog today, and the topic is really cool! Not my usual makeup tips or features, but still really fascinating. Today I want to show you all how I run my makeup business as a solo business owner! Yup, you read it correctly! Yours truly runs Creative Contour By Carla all on her own!

As you can tell by my introduction, I am a woman who wears many hats here at Creative Contour By Carla. I have a lot of responsibilities. I am the Owner, Founder, CEO, CFO, IT, Graphic Design, Web Design, Social Media Manager, Lead Makeup Artist, Receptionist, etc.!

makeup setup while creative contour by carla is scooping products onto a stainless steel makeup palette.

Owner & Founder

Yes beauties, yours truly started CCBC in September 2017. It was my biggest dream to both become a makeup artist, and own a business. It was the right time way back when! Being a business owner is certainly a rollercoaster ride, but it is all worth it! Founding my own company is one of my greatest accomplishments.

C-Suite Titles

CEO, CFO, etc., I do it all! I make sure operations are running smoothly, all my financials are in order, filing taxes, etc. This is the boring side of business, but it must be done!


Yes, beauties, knowing some aspects of technology is required to be a business owner. There's wifi, computers, phones, apps, and other digital devices that need to be up to date and running smoothly so my business can operate successfully.

Graphic Design

If you receive my emails and newsletters, read through the rest of my website, and so on, someone is responsible for making sure everything looks great and is easy for you to use! Your fave makeup artist, right here! [:

Web Design

This one may be self explanatory, but someone has to keep this website running in tip top shape! I regularly make edits to my website during administrative days.

Social Media Manager

If you're following me on social media, you'll see posts and videos about all of my beautiful clients! Someone has to create (and post) that content. And that someone is me!

Lead Makeup Artist

As the Owner and Founder of Creative Contour By Carla, and the face of the company, you'll more than likely have me as your makeup artist when you inquire!! I only send another makeup artist if I am not available for your date.


If you've ever called or submitted an inquiry here on my website, guess who responded to you!! That's right, yours truly! I try my best to answer every call, and have to manually screen every phone number that calls CCBC (to make sure it is legitimate). The same goes for website inquiries. There is a real person answering your inquiries every single time!

And if you need more proof that I'm the woman behind the entire operation, well here ya go! Enjoy this fun video!

So beauties, as you can see, yours truly is the face and brains of Creative Contour By Carla! I'm here to help you have an excellent experience! So let's get your Makeup Experience booked! Book your complimentary phone call to get started!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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