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How I Wash My Makeup Brushes

Hey beauties! I am back at it today with another informative blog post. Today's blog post is all about makeup brushes and how I clean them! So before I start, I want to say that this is the method I use for the makeup brushes in my professional makeup kit. While I love being extra clean for all of you, I understand that not everyone has tons of time to get their makeup brushes this clean every day. However, if you can make the time, I highly recommend it. You will get more longevity out of your makeup brushes, makeup products, and your skin will stay clearer longer! Thank me later!

A close-up photo of makeup brushes

So let's get into the good information already!

My cleaning routine for my professional makeup brushes consists of four (4) important steps. They are: 1. separate bags for each brush set, 2. makeup brush spot cleaner to remove makeup residue, 3. soap and warm water to clean the brushes, and 4. 70% rubbing alcohol (or similar products) to sanitize and sterilize the makeup brushes and bags.

Makeup brushes

1. Separate Bags for each Makeup Brush Set

Beauties, this is probably the most important step for me to maintain clean, sanitary makeup brushes. I use separate bags for each makeup brush set. This way, I can insure that the makeup brush set is only used on one person before it is washed and cleaned again. Once I am done using that particular set, all the brushes go right back in the bag and it stays sealed closed until it is time to wash them!

2. Makeup Brush Spot Cleaner

This product is used mainly by professional makeup artists. These products have strong cleaners and oils that remove remaining makeup residue. This product works well because it lifts up even the most stubborn residue on any makeup brush. What I do is I use a spray bottle and spray the spot cleaner onto a clean towel and swirl each brush hair onto the towel until all residue has been removed from the brush hairs. Sometimes I have to repeat this part a few times to remove all remaining residue.

3. Wash The Brushes

Next, I wash the brushes from hair to handle with a special soap and warm water. I run warm water, and wet the entire brush from hair to handle. Once the brush is completely submerged, then I grab my soap. I use a bar soap and swirl the brush hair around until foamy. Then I use my fingers and really get into the brush hairs until they are submerged in foam. This is probably the second most important part of my brush washing routine. The special brush soap that I use cleans the brush, fights germs and bacteria, and moisturizes the brush hairs, so they do not become brittle and dry. Once they are fully cleaned, I rinse the hair and handle until all soap residue is removed. I squeeze out excess water from the hair, and lay the brush in an upwards direction. You want to make sure that the brush hair is leaning upwards to make sure that it dries faster. I let the brushes air dry overnight (or until fully dried). I follow this same routine for the bags that hold the makeup brushes.

4. Sanitize and Sterilize Brushes and Bag

Once both makeup brushes and bags are completely dried, it is time to put them all back together. But before I complete this step, all items needs to be sanitized and sterilized. I like to use 70% rubbing alcohol to complete this step, but there are also great sterilizing products, such as lucas-cide. If you are going to go this route, I recommend researching products and really reading over the process behind how to use them. Some of the sterilizing products out there can really hurt makeup brushes, so make sure you read each product carefully to decide which one will be a good fit for your makeup brushes. I like to use 70% rubbing alcohol because it takes longer to fully dry and that means that it kills more bacteria while it is drying. I've found that overall it does not dry out or damage my makeup brushes. Once the rubbing alcohol has dried, it's time to put the brushes back in their bag, seal, and back into my kit for the next customer!

Beauties, while it is an involved routine, it's the best routine. I take these extra measures to keep you all safe! I want you to feel relaxed, safe, and healthy while you treat yourself to a beautiful makeup application!

Check out this fun video of these steps in action:

And of course, if you need help in your makeup brush washing routine, book your makeup class today! I'm here to help!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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