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How Often Should You Clean Out Your Makeup Bag?

Makeup products and brushes are laid out on the table

Beauties, hello, hello, hello! Today's topic is one of my most asked questions: how often should I clean out my makeup bag? And oh my gosh my friends, are you going to be shocked at my answer!

So first of all, if you're anything like me, the picture is a fairly accurate representation of your makeup bag. Your makeup collection is probably 4-5 times larger than the contents you have in your makeup bag. This is totally normal. And if you have more or less, that's normal, too! There are a lot of great (and no so great) makeup products out there, and you won't know unless you try.

And then there is the monster that sits in the back of your brain saying: clean out your makeup bag! I know we all hear it, but probably choose to ignore that voice. We're all guilty of it, beauties! And then you look at that huge collection of makeup and you get all groany and realize that you someday really need to actually clean out your makeup bag. So my friends, I am here today to tell you exactly how often you should do just that.

makeup pencils are laid out on the table

While there is no perfect answer, I will make a professional recommendation.

Most makeup products leave the manufacturer with an expiration date of roughly three (3) years after manufacture date. This means they can sit on a shelf for roughly one year without being opened and still be fresh. However, once you open and start using your makeup products, the expiration date wanes because the product is being exposed to air and bacteria from your body. This is totally natural and absolutely okay. The only way to prevent this from happening is to never open your makeup products, which is a waste of money.

*You can prevent the expiration date from quickly changing by maintaining clean makeup products. I discussed this very topic in a previous blog!*

So back on topic. Because this process happens naturally overtime, your makeup products are bound to expire faster than the date listed on the product. This means that you will have to replace them sooner rather than later. It's a vicious cycle, I know.

makeup brushes are laid out on the table

Here are a few tips to know when to replace your makeup and clean out your makeup bag:

A general rule of thumb is to toss out makeup products that you haven't used within the last six (6) months

Beauties, if you haven't used it within the last six (6) months, it probably isn't good anymore. Most liquids and cremes honestly expire within this time period. You'll find that these types of formulas most likely separate and have a scent similar to a crayon. Powders usually last longer than cremes and liquids. You'll know it's time to toss a powder makeup product if it has a film layer than cannot be scraped off. If you notice this criteria on your makeup products, it's the perfect time to clean out your makeup bag!

You don't love your makeup products

Beauties, this is so much more common than you realize. A lot of my personal shopping customers will tell me that they straight up don't love some of the products in their makeup bag. Maybe you once loved the items, but no longer do. Totally fine! When you start feeling this way, it's the perfect time to clean out your makeup bag!

Your makeup expired

Beauties, you'll know signs when your makeup has expired. It will have a strong scent, similar to a crayon. Liquids and cremes will separate, and powder will start to look gunky and gross. When you start seeing these criteria, toss out those old products!

So beauties, these are my tips on how to know when to clean out your makeup bag! I hope this has been helpful for you! And of course, if you need help, email me today to book your Personal Makeup Shopping appointment: !

Lots of love and lipstick,



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