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How This Boston Makeup Artist Shows Up For Your Appointment

Hey beauties! Carla here. I'm the Owner and Founder of Creative Contour By Carla! For those of you who do not know me, I am a Makeup Artist based in Boston, MA. I provide makeup services for weddings, special events, photo shoots, video shoots, personal branding makeup, and more! I provide makeup services all over New England.

Creative Contour By Carla is talking to a client during a phone call while taking notes.

For those of you who already know me, hey there! Welcome back to the blog!

Today, I want to discuss how I show up for every makeup appointment. This blog specifically is going to discuss how I get ready and show up for your appointment when I travel to your location. It may seem silly to discuss, but I bet you all are wondering what goes into this important step!

Maintaining Physical Health

So first of all, I need to make sure that I am physically in shape and ready for your appointment. This means that I make sure to hit the gym and get a good exercise in each week. Right now, my schedule allows for me to go two days per week at the gym. I make sure that I am lifting weights and getting some decent cardio in.

I also make sure that I get in a leisurely walk or two per week to keep my heart and muscles healthy.

And don't forget about stretching! I make sure to stretch every night before bed so My muscles are relaxed and ready for your appointment.

I know it sounds sort of ridiculous to mention this, but it's included in the physical nature of this job. My physical health is so important and necessary in order to be able to travel to each of your makeup appointments! I want you to feel and look your best, so keeping my physical health in top shape helps you get the best makeup service every single time!

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, onto the good stuff!

creative contour by carla is packing her makeup kit.
time to pack my kit for your appointment!

Makeup Kit Preparation

Beauties, kit preparation is a really important step that makes your appointment successful! For those of you who have had a phone consult with me, you know that I tend to ask a lot of questions. Your answers to those questions are necessary, so I can prepare my makeup kit for your unique needs! Especially if you have any type of allergies, or specific skin conditions that you know will be affected by makeup. I want to make sure you have a safe, fun experience when you sit in my makeup chair!

And while I am on this topic, let me quickly discuss cleanliness, sanitation, and infection control. These topics are not discussed enough by makeup artists, so I make it my mission to make sure that you understand all of my protocols.

My goal is to prevent as much bacteria transmission as possible. So you will see at your appointment, that you each have your own set of makeup brushes packed into a sealed bag. Yup, that's right, each person has a designated set of brushes when they sit in my makeup chair. This is one of the most important steps during my makeup kit preparation. You need to be kept safe while having a joyful makeup experience.

The second step I take in my infection control processes is to have enough spatulas and palettes on hand to use for each person having makeup done that day. What I do is sanitize my spatula after each time I dip into a product. Once I scoop out product, I put it into a palette, where I then will dip my brush. This is a huge step in preventing bacteria transmission, and keeps my kit's makeup products very clean. I make sure to pack enough makeup products, brush bundles, spatulas, and palettes to accommodate each person that will be having makeup services that day.

a palette with concealers scooped out onto it next to a metal spatula on the table.
Here's a great example!

Car Maintenance

I bet you all never thought about this one! Maintaining my car is necessary so I can travel to your location easily! I make sure to always pay attention to my car. So when any lights come on or I hear a weird sound, I make sure to have it fixed right away, so I can show up to your appointment!

I also to make sure to have my car inspected yearly, following Massachusetts state law. And I also make sure to have a full tank of gas before leaving for the day's first appointment.

Time To Pack Up!

Beauties, it's time to pack up my makeup kit to get to your destination! I have quite the setup ready for your makeup appointment. It is really so much more than 'just makeup'! I have my full makeup kit, makeup chair, table, and lighting. All you have to do is show up, I have you covered. Because I am a rather petite woman, I found some really cool ways to carry all of these items successfully in my kit.

I use a stair climbing dolly for individual appointments, and I have a large wagon to bring to large group settings (like weddings). I decide which option to use based on the location. For example, if I will be providing makeup services in your home, I will most likely be using the stair-climbing dolly, because it's more flexible and can go anywhere. I like using the wagon for group settings because it can carry more. I like to use the wagon when I have to go to offices or hotels, because these buildings normally have elevators that can fit myself and the wagon easily.

Check out how I pack up:

And then, I load up the car and head over to your location! I always like to arrive about 15-20 minutes early, so I have time to park and setup. This is really important because I know you need to be done on-time for your event! I want this makeup experience to be relaxing and joyful for you. You totally deserve it!

Once I arrive at your location, you'll hear the doorbell, and look what you will see!

And ta da! It's time for me to setup and then start your makeup appointment! I had so much fun telling you all about how I prepare and show up for your appointment! If you have any questions about my protocols around this topic, please book your FREE phone consult today!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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