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How To Choose A Makeup Style For Your Personal Branding Session

Hey beauties! Welcome back to Creative Contour By Carla™! Today my blog is for all of you busy professionals, business owners, and the like. We are talking all things personal branding related. First of all, for those of you who aren't sure yet, I recommend having a consultation with a personal branding photographer, because it is absolutely a necessity for you and/or your business. As a business owner myself, I find that personal branding is essentially what attracts you to your ideal customer, and shows you in your most authentic light. You want to shine bright, my lovely little star! Okay, so now that we've gone over that, let's talk about how makeup works in the mix.

How does makeup relate to your personal brand? Makeup relates to your personal brand because it will enhance you in your most authentic state. You want to make sure your audience sees you exactly as you are when you're around them. So what exactly does that mean? That means we will work together to create a makeup look that works for your personal branding image. And now, let me give you some easy tips on how to choose the right makeup style, let's gooooo!

talking on the phone with client

Do you wear makeup?

Ah yes, the first question is the big one! So beauties, do you normally wear makeup? The reason I ask this at the start is because this will determine the options you have for your personal branding session.

For my non makeup wearers, I would say at this point, we know the style and no need to consider further, unless you are planning to change that and maintain in the future. For my beauties who do wear makeup, let's keep going!

What is your ideal style?

So this question is very generalized, which is what we want it to be. When we think about this question, we want to think about your ideal style overall. Are you a busy professional in the office? Or are you a small business owner like me who works with clients 1-on-1? Because I can tell you from experience that those are two different styles upfront. Or maybe you are a fellow creative where you have a combination of work where you see clients, and host calls and do work behind the scenes.

When we consider our ideal style, makeup is a piece of the puzzle. It has to compliment the rest of your look! Remember, we are aiming to look our most authentic to clients and customers. We also want to consider what kind of makeup works best with the wardrobe you select for your session. If you have a range of colors you are wearing, your makeup look needs to compliment that.

What makeup look(s) do you like?

This is a more personal part of this advice, but still very relevant! The reason why I like to ask this is because sometimes the looks we like have elements that we can incorporate into your overall image of your personal branding session.

applying makeup on eyebrows

How do you normally show up for your clients and customers?

This one is directly related to your ideal style, but it also takes into account how you show up to your clients. Obviously when you are on video or being photographed, you'll be a bit more polished than normal, but at the same time, you'll still look like you! We want the right people to recognize you every time.

So beauties, that's it! That's my advice on how to choose the right makeup style for your personal branding session. I understand that makeup is meant to be a cohesive, yet necessary part of your personal branding session. Let me help you find the right makeup style for your personal branding session! Book your complimentary phone call today!

Lots of love, lipstick, and the right makeup look,


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