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How To Choose The Right Makeup Style

Hey beauties, welcome back to Creative Contour By Carla™! Today I am going to give you all some really easy advice on how to find the right makeup style for you. You'll notice I specifically mentioned how to choose the right makeup style in the title, because makeup style is a choice! Just like whether or not you want to wear makeup is also a choice. The best part of this life (and the biggest privilege) is the ability to choose things for ourselves. So let's get into the goods!!

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We're starting with the heavy hitters, beauties. Lifestyle is the most important factor in choosing the right makeup style. If you are busy af, you don't have time to do a super glam routine every morning, and you know it. You may have time for glamorous aspects, but not the full blown glamour that takes hours (unless you don't want to sleep, lol).

Assess your lifestyle (or the lifestyle you want), and then decide from there how much time you have (or want to allot) for your makeup look each day. A great example of this is if you know you are a busy af beauty, you'll probably lean towards a simpler makeup look daily, and save your glamour for special days. Everyone has a different lifestyle, so assess what makeup style will work best in your life.


This one is a bit subjective, but how you view your appearance and how you want to look are factors that will ultimately determine the makeup style you choose. If you are changing your appearance, you may opt for a new makeup style completely. If you are just looking to elevate your appearance, you may opt for a makeup style that is more enhanced. This one really comes down to what you want to look like.

What Styles You Like

What a great segue! I am on fire today here on my blog! What makeup styles catch your eye? Do you like a more polished, elevated style? Glamour? Colorful? The options are limitless, and you can even create your own makeup style, which is something I can help you do, just book your call with me! Take a look online and in magazines and see what makeup looks stand out to you, because this will help you determine what look you choose.

Your Job

Whether you are a stay at home beauty, or in the corporate ladder, you are a busy worker bee! For example, those of you who stay at home running your household may not want to be running around doing all of the tasks required of you with a full glam (or maybe you are like me and you do!), you may prefer a softer style. But my corporate girlies out here know that there are certain standards and a certain image you need to maintain in the office.

And for my small business owners? This goes down to image/appearance and authenticity. Pick a makeup look that resonates with you showing up as your authentic self in business, and a look that is easy for you to maintain overall. This is how your clients will recognize you!

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Beauties, I hope these tips were helpful! If you need additional assistance in choosing the makeup style for you, and then learning how to apply, book your phone consult with me today! I am here to help.

Lots of love and lipstick,


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