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How To Create A Fresh, Glowing Makeup Look: My Tips

model is sitting on a chair smiling
Glow on, beauties!

Hey beauties! I thought today's blog would be fun, now that we are getting into warmer days and are more inclined to go outside! You want to show off your gorgeous self... and a fresh glow is so your style! So let's talk about how to do just that for the upcoming warmer weather!

So my friends, there are two easy ways to create a fresh, glowing makeup look: an excellent skincare routine and preparation, and the right highlighter! Now that you know, let's jump in!

Fresh, Glowing Skin

Yes beauties, you too can create fresh glowing skin! It all starts with a great skincare routine. In order to reveal your glow from within, you specifically need to make sure you implement the following 2 important parts into your skincare routine: exfoliation and moisturization. These two processes are actually the most important part of your skincare routine!


This is the process of removing dead skin, flakes, etc., from the top layer of your skin. This process helps improve the overall appearance of your skin and aids in maintaining clear skin. An added benefit of the exfoliation process is that your skin has a beautiful, glow-from-within result!


This is the process of moisturizing the skin. Keeping your skin moisturized well will result in softer, more supple skin. But wearing moisturizer daily also helps maintain a soft, natural glow on the skin! Happy skin is glowing skin!

carla smiling with eyes closed while touching face
natural glow means a no-makeup photo!


Beauties, one product that has really become more trendy again in recent years is highlighter. Highlighter adds a soft, beautiful glow on the skin and really lets our radiance shine! Give your skin that dewy, poppin' finish with highlighter!

Applying highlighter in just the right places really does create a beautiful, healthy, youthful glow!

Carla is applying highlighter to her cheek bone with her ring finger.

Use a hydrating facial mist or a hydrating setting spray

Beauties, either option will work just fine. Here's why: because the goal is to have hydration, using these types of sprays will leave your skin glowing! I recommend using these sprays before you run out the door, and later in the day for a pick me up for an all day long glow!

Carla is applying setting spray

Beauties, I hope you enjoyed these tips! If you are ready to glow on all the time, let me help! Book your Makeup Class Today!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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