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How To Find Your Undertone: A Makeup Artist Weighs In

Hey beauties! Happy #makeupmonday! Today's blog is all about your skin's undertone and how to find it! This is the method that I personally use with my clients, and I want to teach you all how to find your undertone, so you can always get a great foundation match!

metal spatula and makeup complexion colors

So first of all, what is your skin's undertone?

Undertone is the color, or colors, that are found in your skin tone. For example, some folks who have a warm undertone may see a lot of yellow or red in their skin. Someone who has a neutral undertone will see a mixture of colors in their undertone.

So how do we find, and know, our skin's undertone? That's exactly what I am going to help you learn today. You'll need a couple of things:

white top

a well-lit area via natural lighting


makeup-free face

Now that you have everything you need, let's get into the exercise!

You want to make sure you are sitting in close proximity to natural lighting, wearing your white top, with a makeup-free face. The reason you want to be makeup-free is so you can accurately see the colors in your skin's undertone.

Look into the mirror and see what colors are prominent in your skin tone, and write down the colors you see!

Here's some helpful information to determine your skin's undertone:

If you only see red and yellow based colors, you have a warm undertone.

If you only see blue based colors, you have a cool undertone.

If you see an even mixture of colors, you have a neutral undertone.

If you see an uneven mixture of colors: assess where the majority of colors fall.

holding a paper with mixed complexion products next to face
here's my results!

Let's remember that our skin tone has many colors, so that's why we are doing this exercise to get as precise a match for our foundation as possible!

I even made a little video to help you understand exactly what to do!

And of course, if you need any help, I have your back! Book your Makeup Lesson Experience with Creative Contour By Carla today!

**Please note that classes are hands-on, in-person lessons. If you would like a virtual makeup lesson experience, please contact me directly, and I will set it up for you!**

Lots of love and lipstick,




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