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How To Keep Your Makeup Products Clean & Sanitary!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Hi beauties! After teaching you my general rule about when to toss out old makeup, I did some research and learned more about the shelf life of makeup products from my mentor! This set off a light bulb in my mind: if you want your makeup products to last their full shelf life, you must keep them clean! Well today I am going to teach you just that!

Makeup setup
Keep Your Makeup Clean, Beauties!

So first of all, you can clean your entire makeup collection, however vast it may be! I will try my best to keep this process as easy as possible for you. I recommend cleaning your makeup collection once per week, specifically the same day you wash your brushes. This works well because you are already cleaning!

You'll need a few things to successfully clean your makeup products:

-70% rubbing alcohol & a spray bottle

-makeup sanitizing spray

-paper towels, tissues, or clean towels

-disposable mascara wands

-your makeup products & makeup bag

-old newspaper, towels, rags, etc.

-cotton swabs

tools you'll need to clean your makeup
Here are your tools!

So let's talk about how to clean your makeup products. First, lay down old newspaper, rags, towels, or whatever you choose. This way things don't get too messy.


Let's start with powder. Powders are the easiest products to clean. Grab your disposable mascara wands, rubbing alcohol or makeup sanitizer spray, and your powder products.

This is actually an easy, fantastic way to clean your powder products! My mentor, Sonia Roselli, taught me about cleaning the powder products in my personal makeup collection. It's so easy and really helps keep your powders clean.

How To Clean Powder Makeup Products

1. I am using my powder blush for this example. Use your disposable makeup wand to scrape the top of your powder products. Make sure that you cover the entire top layer of the product. You should start to see the top layer of the powder start to crumble and look dusty. This is the top layer of the powder, where bacteria sits.

using mascara wand to scrape powder blush
Like this!

2. Dump out the dust. Some powders will have a lot of fall out. This is where your cotton swabs come in handy. Take your cotton swabs and spray with alcohol or makeup sanitizer. Wipe any surfaces of the container to get rid of any excess product.

3. Spray the powder with the alcohol or makeup sanitizer. I recommend 2-3 good sprays to really saturate the product. Then let it be!

Creams & Liquids

Creams and liquids can be a bit more difficult to clean. The easiest way to prevent bacteria from reducing the shelf life of your creams and liquids is to avoid double-dipping entirely. I know sometimes that can be hard to do! So I have come up with a few tips and tricks on how to clean cream and liquid products! Of course, you should never share these products with anyone.

Carla's Tips and Tricks For Clean Cream and Liquid Makeup Products

1. Scoop out creams

You can purchase wooden popsicle sticks, plastic or metal spatulas, and the like! Simply scoop the creams out of the packaging onto the back of your hand and work from there. Remember, a little goes a long way. When you are done with your makeup look, you can simply use makeup remover to clean off the products, then wash your hands. Voila', clean and sanitary! You'll feel like a makeup artist!

scooping out cream makeup from the jar
Just like this!

2. Don't apply liquid right from the tube

Once again, the back of your hand will come in handy! (See what I did there!) Squeeze out liquids onto the back of your hand, then apply onto your face. Because you are squeezing out product, you will have more control over how much you are applying. Don't be afraid to work in pieces when you apply liquids.

3. How to clean

Creams: Simply give all cream products 2 good sprays of sanitizing spray and set aside.

Liquids: Spray a paper towel/tissue/clean towel with two good sprays of alcohol. Immediately clean the nozzle. Then give a clean part of the towel two more good sprays and clean the cap.


lip liners
Clean, sanitary pencils

Cleaning pencils is actually quite easy. The easiest way to clean your pencils is to first spray your makeup sharpener with alcohol. You want to make sure you are using 70% rubbing alcohol because you will be cleaning the sharpener as well as the pencil.

Spray the sharpener with alcohol, then spray your pencil. Next, sharpen the pencil until it results in your desired shape. Set aside pencil on a clean towel until it fully absorbs the alcohol. Put on the cap.

PRO TIP: make sure you save the cap that comes on the pencil. It will lengthen the life of your pencil!

Other products

Liquid eyeliner

Simply give a good spray or two on the eyeliner pen and immediately put the cap on.

Crayons (such as lip liners, kajal liners, wax eyeliners, etc.)

Spray rubbing alcohol onto a clean towel. Give the tip of the eyeliner a good swipe and immediately put the cap back on.


Wipe off all the product from the wand. Give the wand a good spray with makeup sanitizer spray. Put the wand back into the mascara tube and make sure it is sealed tight.

Keep your mascara wands clean!


Spray rubbing alcohol onto a clean towel. Swipe the entire tip of the lipstick. Put the cap on immediately.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss comes in two different tubes: a tube with a doefoot applicator, or a squeeze tube.

Doefoot Applicators: Use a clean towel to wipe off excess gloss from the applicator. Spray with makeup sanitizer.

lip gloss
Keep your lip gloss clean!

Squeeze tube: Remove the cap and use a clean towel to remove excess gloss. Spray rubbing alcohol onto a clean towel and swipe the tip of the tube and inside of the cap. Put the cap back on immediately.

makeup application
PC: Kendal Beard

So beauties, that's it! These are the best ways to keep your makeup clean and sanitary. You want to make sure you clean your makeup products weekly. I like to clean my personal makeup products after I wash my personal makeup brushes. It's a good habit to get into. Keeping your personal makeup products clean can actually keep a longer shelf life. A lot of things to think about beauties! So get cleaning! And don't forget to tag me when you post your clean brushes and makeup, @creativecontourbycarla!

If you have any questions, feel free to book your FREE 15-minute phone call today!

<3 Carla



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