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How To Rock A Glam Eye Makeup This Summer!

Carla wearing a smokey eye and looking down

Hey beauties! Carla here. I am back on the blog today to discuss how you can rock a beautiful makeup look that is also mask-friendly! While we are still in the covid-19 pandemic, masks are here to stay. Well my beautiful followers, fret no more, because I am going to give you some great tips on how to rock a pretty makeup look that is mask-friendly!!

So first of all: beauties I threw on a full face of makeup for the sake of this blog post. Understand that you totally don't have to wear a full face of makeup under your mask! If anything, just wear this glam eye makeup!! It's so much fun!

I personally love a bold eye makeup look, so of course I had to share mine with you all!

I started with a deep, olive green eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid. Then I added this beautiful smokey black eyeshadow to shape my eye. Buffed into my crease. Added a little bit of champagne under the brow bone to highlight. Added some eyeliner, mascara, and brows. Now I am ready to head on out!!

Carla wearing a smokey eye and smiling

Now beauties, you totally don't have to make your eye makeup as dark and sultry as I made mine! You can use whatever colors you please! Summer is my favorite season, so I always try to enjoy myself in whatever ways I can. I recommend you do the same! Including with your makeup! Apply your makeup in whatever way you want, as long as your eyes are the stars!!

If you like to see behind the scenes of how I created this glam eye makeup, watch my video on YouTube below!

And beauties, if you need help creating this eye makeup look, book your Everything Eyes makeup class today!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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