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How To Stay On Budget While Makeup Shopping

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Beauties! Hello, hello, hello! I'm back with more makeup advice! Today's topic is: How To Stay On Budget While Makeup Shopping. This is such a great topic, because sometimes makeup shopping can get overwhelming when you are seeing price tags! So before you have sticker shock, let's talk about budgets.

Have A Realistic Budget-- And Stick To It.

Beauties, this is such an important factor when it comes to shopping. Make sure you have a realistic idea of your makeup shopping budget. Unfortunately things can add up quickly.

How can you come up with a realistic budget? I recommend looking through your makeup collection. If you have items that you either don't like or haven't used in the past year, put them to the right. The remaining items, to the left. How many items are in the right side pile? That's how many you need to replace.

Makeup products have huge price ranges. Affordable brands average around $10+. Luxury brands average around $30+ and beyond. That's a pretty large range.

Splurge On Some Products, Save On The Rest

Beauties, you can definitely splurge a little on some products, and save on others. As far as which items, that's where I can help! You want to make sure to prioritize your favorite items (such as foundation, blush, lipstick). That's where you'll splurge. Then, you'll save on the rest! Make sure you let me know where you want to prioritize spending! Once I know, I'll go to work!

Beauties, it's that easy!! If you need help with staying on budget while you shop, I am here for you!

<3 Carla


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