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How To Travel With Your Makeup Products!

Empty makeup containers
Reuse your old makeup containers!

Hey beauties! Today's topic is totally on point, now that we are slowly making our way to the end of the covid-19 pandemic! While some things will be forever changed, travel will not! Now that we can safely travel again, I thought I'd discuss how to travel with your makeup products!

So first of all, the tips I mention in this blog are not the only ways to travel. However, as a makeup artist, I have learned a thing or two about travelling with makeup products, so know that these tips are tried and true!

Alrighty beauties, let's get into it!

Only Bring Makeup Products That You Know You Will Use/Like To Use

Beauties, while it's fun to try out new products when you take a trip, if you bring new products along, you may end up hating them, or even not getting the proper use because of temperature changes, and so on. I recommend bringing your favorite makeup products and your go-tos, because you know that you already like to use these items and will easily be able to create your favorite makeup looks while on vacation.

And one more thing: while it's fun to try new products on vacation, you may not be able to create your ideal looks with new products and no practice.

Pack TSA-Compliant Products

I decided to mention this tip second because I believe that this matters second, and not first. Because some of your favorite products may not be TSA-Compliant. (I can help you navigate this part in the next tip.) You want to make sure that your liquids (which many makeup products are made out of) are TSA-Compliant.

Current TSA Liquid requirements are: items that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item in your carryon bag.

If you have to buy your faves again before travelling, I recommend looking into travel-size makeup products! Trust me, you'll thank me later!

Bring Samples

Beauties, this may seem counterproductive to my earlier tip, but it totally makes sense! If any of your products are samples, bring them! They're the perfect size to toss in your makeup bag that will fit perfectly in your suitcase, or even a backpack.

Pack Powder Products

Beauties, if you must choose between liquids or powders, choose powders. Believe me, you'll thank yourself when you don't have to worry about anything being taken away by TSA, or the packaging breaking and having liquids and cremes spill or melt all over your suitcase! I personally like to try to use as many powders products as possible when I travel, because I know I am bound to drop something somewhere, or my suitcase will get thrown around.

powder bronzers

Recycle Old Makeup Containers

Beauties, this is probably the most time-consuming task, but once you get it figured out, it's gold! Seriously, this idea is the most helpful. In the world of makeup artistry, we call this method depotting or decanting. This is a method that most makeup artists use in order to carry the most products in our kits, and to get the most use out of each product.

Instead of throwing out old makeup and the containers, clean out the old product and save the containers! Trust me, beauties, it's so worth it! This is also a somewhat environmentally-conscious decision. Then when you are ready to travel, you can depot (or decant) your makeup into a travel-friendly size!

How To Travel with Liquids and Cremes without bringing the entire bottle:

You will need a set of tools, bottles, and containers to do this properly. However, I recommend cleaning out old makeup containers (the smaller the better), and using them when you travel! Put in just the right amount of creme and liquid products. You'll b so happy you did, because then you can safely travel with your cremes and liquids!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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