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I Want To Learn How To Do My Own Makeup, But Don't Know Where To Start! Help!

Applying makeup
I'll help you learn how to do your own makeup!

Hey beauties! I am back on the blog today to help you! Often when I get inquiries for my makeup classes, I hear this exact phrase: I want to learn how to do my own makeup, but don't know where to start! Help?

Beauties, I know that navigating this process can be quite intimidating. You see all sorts of tutorials on social media, and you probably think: hey I can follow along and get it just like the person in the video! Then you try it, and it doesn't go as planned. Then you're realizing that you should have taken a makeup class, instead of going to YouTube. While you are searching, you get overwhelmed because you realize that you have no idea where to start.

That's why I am here! I want to help you navigate and love all things makeup! I created a specific menu of makeup classes in order to help you navigate the world of learning how to do your own makeup.

So where should you start? Great question! The best starting place is to schedule your complimentary phone consultation with me. This way, we can talk about your makeup collection and experience. I will access what works best for you and your needs!

Carla talking on the phone during a consultation
I'll help you during your phone consultation!

Once we've chatted on the phone, I'll get to work with my assessment. Maybe you need to find some great makeup products, which means we will need to go shopping first! I will guide you during your Personal Makeup Shopping appointment. It is my goal to find you great makeup products that you'll love to wear! Or maybe you have the products you love and just want to learn how to apply them. That is fine, too! I will assess the best makeup class(es) for you!

It's totally common to book more than one makeup class, beauties. I've designed my menu of classes to help you achieve different looks. I know that there are times that you'll need a specific style of makeup, and my menu will help you achieve just that. I wanted to make learning how to do your own makeup easy AF, so that's why I have quite a few options on my menu! I want to make sure you can focus on one specific look at a time. Make sure to practice, too! This will help you achieve makeup looks you absolutely love!

I also want you to understand that during your makeup class(es) that I am here to help you learn how to apply makeup on yourself. That means that I will help teach you how to apply makeup to your unique facial features. We are also unique and rarely do we resemble the folks in makeup tutorials. This is very important to understand. While makeup tutorials are fun, the person in the video is not you! So while their tips may in general be helpful, how they apply their makeup isn't how you should apply your makeup, necessarily. When you take your makeup class with me, I will make sure that you understand how to apply your makeup on your face. That's why I am here! Besides, who wouldn't want to learn how to apply makeup from a makeup artist?! Pretty cool if you ask me!

So beauties, if you really think about this, I can help you with it all. I understand that it is intimidating to figure out where to start when figuring out how to apply your own makeup (and of course on your special day, I have you covered in my makeup chair). I want you to love wearing makeup, if you choose to! I will help you navigate where to so start, and through the entire process, when it comes to applying your own makeup. I will hear your concerns, help you choose products, and teach you how to apply! I want you to love applying your own makeup and enjoy the entire process!

If this sounds like you, then let's get started! BOOK YOUR COMPLIMENTARY PHONE CONSULTATION TODAY!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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