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Is It Really THAT Bad To Sleep In Your Makeup? A Makeup Artist Tells The Truth

Carla waking up from her nightmare

Hey beauties! Here's the topic of all topics! Is it really that bad to sleep in your makeup? The answer is yes. And it will always be yes. Being upfront and honest, this will probably be a rather short blog post, so have fun reading this quickie!

Beauties, you should never, ever, ever sleep in your makeup!! EVER. It is terrible for your skin. While you are sleeping, your skin takes time to energize in order to prepare for the cell turnover process. At this point, your skin is basically a sponge while you sleep. So if you go to bed with even the slightest trace of makeup on your face, then your skin will absorb it. Absorbing the ingredients in makeup products is not good for you. I don't care how natural the ingredients are, or how little makeup you are wearing. It is never good to sleep in your makeup.

Carla having a nightmare

I had a dream once that I slept in my makeup... wait did I say dream? I meant nightmare!!!!

Beauties, while I understand at the end of the day you are just tired and want to jump right into bed. I am, too! But just like you brush your teeth before bed, you have to remove your makeup and wash your face! And yes my friends, it will make a difference on your skin. Your skin will start to look waaaaaay better. I mean it! Your skin will be a little bit healthier because you are taking care of it on the outside. Now don't get it twisted my friends, you won't wake up to be better skin just once. You need to incorporate removing your makeup as part of your daily routine. Remove your makeup, wash your face, brush your teeth. There, it's done for you! You're welcome! [:

Beauties, if you aren't careful, sleeping in your makeup will accelerate the aging process. If you don't like being mistaken for an older relative now just because you act like them, you won't want to be mistaken for them when you start to look like them, either! I mean it when I say that sleeping in your makeup can and will age you!! You are letting all of the other gunk that gets into your pores sit in them while you sleep, you do not want your makeup sitting in there, too!

So friends, just don't do it. Do not sleep in your makeup. You'll thank me! Remember that I am always here for you! And if you have any questions, just send me an email:!

Lots of love and lipstick,




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